Thursday, February 21

Early morning me time

Photo by lundeholm
It's 6:51 am. Everyone is still sleeping and by everyone I really mean the three children. Mr Awesome has left for work and I am left alone. All alone. Just me, myself and I and of course the thousands of thoughts that are floating aimlessly round my pretty little head waiting patiently to evolve into something greater. Aren't we all though? Just waiting to evolve into something greater?

While I know that turning on the computer this early in the morning rarely leads to good things I just couldn't resist. Time alone like this, especially in the morning is just too rare an opportunity to let slip by. Besides I have promised myself that as soon as one wakes I will stop. Wonderful test for my self discipline right there. On top of that I sorted the dishes and tidied the kitchen before I sat down. Go me right? Doing the chores that a housewife is supposed to do.

Deep sigh.

Truth be told right now I am using every ounce of everything I have to stop myself from crawling back into bed myself. My glands feel like they are swollen and my neck is sore. The constant dripping from my nose is driving me to distraction though it does provide relief from the razor blades that scrape down the inside of my throat each time I swallow.

Ok so maybe all of that was a slight exaggeration. Only slight though I do feel a bit crapola and if it weren't for the responsibilities of motherhood going back to bed would certainly be all I would accomplish today. Well that and this awesome post.

Thankfully it is Thursday. Once we get through today there is only one more sleep till the weekend. Two days of whatever we want before starting all over again. I despise it when I am wishing the days away but at the moment some days are just dragging on forever I feel I have no choice but to wish them away. Which of course is where I am wrong.

We ALWAYS have a choice. Always.

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  1. You looked pretty great today for someone who isn't feeling that well!
    Hope you get a decent rest today :)

    1. Thanks lovely, getting out the house was probably the best thing for me. Though the panadol I popped as I was walking out the door may have had something to do with looking so great as well. I don't have it all that often but when I do it really works a treat! Oh and as for the rest thing, nope not going to happen. Miss I don't need to sleep in the day time had other ideas :(


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