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Finding a partner {Sponsored}

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Top tips for finding a partner 
who’ll love your children as much as you do

Finding a partner can be a tricky enough task at the best of times, but finding someone who is compatible with your kids can seem nearly impossible. Some people might make the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend whether through friends of through free dating sites online, but put them in a room with children and everything changes. With this in mind here’s a look at some of the different qualities that will help you to discover the ultimate ‘child- friendly’ partner. 

Their job
There are really only a few jobs that are completely inappropriate for a potential love-interest (escorts are probably the only real no-no’s). Yet some professions bring with them a lifestyle and a culture that are less family-friendly than others. People who work extremely long hours or shift work can be difficult to coordinate around the schedule of raising a small child.

In terms of the best professions for a child-friendly partner, someone who feels comfortable and relaxed around children is always a good start. This could include schoolteachers or perhaps sports coaches. However at the end of the day the best partner to bring home to your children is the one who approaches their career with a sense of integrity. After all, excellent role models come in all shapes and sizes. 

Their interests
It’s rarely someone’s interests that make a man or woman unsuitable as a partner. Rather it’s their willingness to compromise when becoming a part of yours and your children’s lives. Dating somebody with children can mean a big change to their lifestyle and activities. It’s important that they’re open-minded and positive about these changes, and see them as an opportunity rather than a setback.

If they love to go out fishing, a child-friendly partner will understand that some weekends will now be spent at your daughter’s ballet recital. Likewise if your new love interest enjoys partying every Friday night, the right catch will understand that family life will bring a different style of socialising. 

Their willingness to join in with the events in your child’s life, and to possibly moderate their own, are the real tests of a good partner. 

Their attitude  
Does your partner like children? It might seem like an obvious question, but it’s definitely one that needs to be asked. Dating a single parent can bring to the fore a range of questions about the future that are usually tackled much later in the relationship. If you met on a website like you might have already discussed this briefly before meeting in person, but it's a good idea to do this in person as well. How prepared and open your partner is for having children in their life is a big factor in their long-term suitability.

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