Sunday, February 24

It's all about choice.

The week just gone feels like it has been a long one.

I don't like it when they feel this way.

I don't want life to be a chore. Where each day drags from one to the next, filled with nothing more than monotony and boredom. Where every little thing seems to just drain your already depleted self, leaving you wishing that you could stay in bed. Indefinitely. Perhaps even longer.

That is not the life I want.

That is not the life that I want to show to my beautiful children, with whom I am bestowed the privilege  of informing, educating, moulding and creating if you will.

That is not the life I choose. I refuse to.

The other day I wrote a post. Just a quick one, I didn't have much time and turning on the computer at that time of the morning really was a wrong thing to do, but the atmosphere for writing was just too great to dismiss.

It felt wonderful putting writing above all else for a change.

Something I need to do more often
At the end of the post I wrote that we ALWAYS have a choice. Always. It is something that I need to constantly remind myself of at the moment. There have been too many days of late where I have not remembered that my attitude to my situation is my choice. When the days are dragging on for much longer than they should I start to feel as if my choices have been removed from me and I shouldn't. Because regardless of all else, how I handle a situation will always be my choice. Always.

There are some big things going on in my little neck of the world. Some of it so big that my pretty little head can not even begin to compute it all. I don't even know how to go about tackling it all in a blog post either. 

All in good time I guess. For now I will stick to thinking about the choices before me.

One of the choices I have made lately is to have a good hard look at me and all that I do and am. In four short weeks I will turn thirty five. Which I am kind of excited about. I also have a few reservations about it all as well.

Like, have I really made the most of my life and the opportunities presented in it? Am I being the best role model for my children that I can be? Or more to the point am I being the best me I can be? All that kind of deep philosophical stuff that seems to frequently coincide with birthday self reflections.

At the end of the day, if I am truly honest with myself, I could choose to get more out of life.

From here on in I want to choose to put more into life.

I choose to make the most of each and every day.
I choose to stop the waste and dreariness that seems to infiltrate my being much more than I care to admit.
I choose to make a change and take charge of my life.

The choice to tackle every day and get the most out of it, is mine and mine alone.

I choose to greet the day with all that I have and not let it wear me down. Well at least not as easily.

What big choices do you need to make?

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  1. I'm with you Rhi - choosing to live life to the full!

  2. Thanks for the reminder Rhianna. I have things going on that are making me feel less powerful than I'd like but it's good to remember that I may not choose those things but I can choose how to deal with them and that is my power.

    I hope you've been going well with putting more in and being in charge.

  3. I'm definitely in that head space and place in my life atm too, knowing I have to make some hard choices and changes to improve my health. Struggling a little, but I won't give up. Hope your struggles have become a bit easier or clearer. xo

  4. I try to live life to the full but often get bogged down on the everyday chores and needs that take over. Our bigger life choices are definitely about living life to the full and being a better person for our children.

  5. I'm choosing to let go. To attempt to care less about people who don't like me, and more about the people who like me because I am me. It's a lot easier said than done, but I am slowly getting there.

  6. Great words Rhianna! I have been in a bit of a rut of late, I think from not making choices & just wishing things away because it feels too hard & too much.
    Watching my kids just the other day I noticed my 3 year old throw his hands up & say I can't do this & walk off in a huff. It was like looking in a mirror of my own thoughts. It was a jolt that I needed to realise I must choose, I must pick myself up & keep moving forward - the rest will come & it will be what it will be, but without me to show them, my children will not move forward & take charge & that is unfair to them & me.
    It's not easy, but I choose to embrace that & enjoy the challenge! :)

  7. Well I recently choose to let go of negative, toxic people, it was easier than I thought! I also recently choose to get back on the fitness wagon - slowly, treadmill at home, but I think I might have just given myself a SURPRISE you're back on track to fitness moment, maybe! xx

  8. Wow, this is the post I needed to read today! I have been contemplating my life in general a lot lately and whilst I definitely agree with you that we all have choices, sometimes the alternative is not always desirable or achievable... for example, I could choose to quit my job, but then how dod I pay my bills! lol.... hope you have been able to stay true to your choice of getting more out of life... easier said than done sometimes...

  9. How you greet life is all about choice, isn't it Rhi? I choose to be positive and to be happy which isn't always easy but it is better than the alternative... I hope you've been able to put more into life since then Rhi!

  10. I have chosen to be a more intentional parent. It means I don't work on my blog during the day but only early in the morning or at night so that during the day my attention is on my girls. They will grow up so quick and time really is precious. This post is a good reminder to make their days special too.

  11. I have chosen to enjoy the journey and go for it. If it comes my way, just jump on train and ride it. Who knows where it'll take me!

  12. The "On Purpose" person (I think that was the name of the book. Follows a great theory where it challenges you to make better choices from everything from the everyday to life goals etc. I must revisit this book, because I've been in a bit of a one day at a time, struggling to keep up rut lately.

  13. I have chosen to charge ahead and get over my fear of having another child. Autism scares me but I think my craving to become mum a second time is stronger than the fear. So I told my husband "I'm ready when you are".

  14. I've been thinking a lot of this type of thing as well. Must be something that hits us all after 35!
    I also find it helps me to remember that I CAN, indeed, make some choices - not everything is stuff I can't control.


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