Monday, February 11

Instagram Show Case

Sadly I am still trying to fight my bloggingitis. For those new to the term bloggingitis it is where a blogger just can't seem to blog. It happens to the best of bloggers and is not by any means uncommon. Thankfully it is not life nor blog threatening and is quite recoverable. It is all just a matter of time. Which naturally I struggling to find at the moment.

I had thought that the return to school would bring with it a level of organization to my day. Instill some sort of order in amongst the chaos that most days are. It hasn't. Not that I am really surprised. I honestly can't ever recall a time in my life where chaos has not reigned supreme.


I started writing this post yesterday (Sunday) with the notion that in would join it in with Tina's Instagram linky party only clearly that never happened. I thought it would have been a nice easy way to ease myself back into it all. Children and their need for food and/or attention had other ideas.

I am nothing if not determined though and come hell or high water I will get this post out. However since it has been a weeks since I last shared my Instagram treasures there a few. Rahter than bore you with them all (and by that I mean go to the trouble of uploading them all to blogger), I have decided to just put in a few of my favourites

Little Miss Two was rather pleased with her climbing efforts. 
I was pleased she was able to climb down as easily as she went up.

Anyone want to sail away with me?

I went for a run and just had to stop and snap a few shots of these storm clouds passing by. 
Clouds like this are one of the reasons I love where I live as much as what I do.

This little cherub is my biggest kitchen helper. 
She is crazy for cracking eggs and mixing things. Bless. 
Can't wait till she can actually be more of a help though.

And that my friends is the best of my Instagram shots of late. Feel free to click on the side bar to go and see more or head to Instagram and find me at aparentinglife. Normally I would link this in and join the party but seeing as I am already a day late with posting and barely have time to check Facebook let alone read blogs I will give it a miss this week.


  1. Oh no, sorry you are having writers block? Maybe its time to start a new series? I can't think of anything except wordless wednesday!

  2. You should fight it! You make wonderful blogs. :) I love your photos. They are really good. I also love the way you write. It's unique and I enjoyed reading it. Can't wait to see your next post. :)

  3. Rhianna now I'm going to be stern with you. I just checked your 'about me' section and yes it is you who wants to be the writer (love your new blog skin by the way). Take some time out. Give yourself a break. Go and read others' blogs, just to give and receive some inspiration and get a book from one of your fave writers and read it for pleasure. You will, without knowing it, get your mojo back. Don't force it. It doesn't work from my experience and just makes you feel guilty. It will come back so don't worry.

  4. Yeah, just hang on in there, it'll come


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