Monday, February 11

Putting one foot in front of the other

Life of late has been what some might call a little full on. Some of course may still consider it a walk in the park. My own feelings involve struggles and battles, not necessarily won. Though it is also not nearly as terrible as it all sounds or as recent posts may lead you to believe.

To all those who have left such kind comments of late I am super thankful, it really does mean a lot to know you care. Please do not fret for me too much though. Some times I think my words make it all seem much worse than it really is. Which is not really quite what I want, but I am not sure what I can do.

My mantra at the moment is just keep going. The wheels are in motion, albeit slowly, they just need to keep on turning. And turn they will.

Towards the end of the holidays I bumped into a friend from school. And when I say friend I actually mean most awesome person ever who made my dream true last year. Naturally when she asked if I could help her out by looking after her four year old son I said yes. After all it is only a few hours each morning and more importantly I was honoured she trusted me with her offspring.

Having an extra little person around had been lovely. Miss Two, who I should probably start calling Miss NearlyThree, though I think Teapot would also be a bit cute but it doesn't really indicate age which I think at times is appropriate, now where was I...oh that's right. The youngest of my creations has really enjoyed having a play mate these last few weeks. Watching them play has made my heart swell on more than one occasion.

While the girls all play with each other on some level, their age gaps of four and five years are always evident. There is only a little over a year in age difference between our little guest and Teapot. They way they play together is beyond gorgeous. As is the thoughtfulness and care they show each other, especially their desire to share. She sure is going to miss him next week.

Part of  the fun of our new friend has been the preschool drop off. Miss NearlyThree would happily stay there with him if she were to be given the chance. The preschool teacher has mentioned on more than one occasion how ready she already seems. My heart breaks to think that this time next year we could be doing it all for real.

Here in the Territory children can start preschool, a part time play based familiarisation with the school environment, at the tender age of three and a half. This means that twelve months later, at the still tender age of four and half, children may start transition. Which is the first of year full time formal education.

Which I am now starting to wonder if it really is the best way to go about things. With Miss NotYetTwelve just starting her first year of Middle School (year seven) I can't help but wonder if she is really ready. Something I am sure most mothers have thought many a times. 

How has the first week or two back at school treated you? 
Have you wondered whether it was the right thing to do?

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  1. I can totally understand your reservations! I have a master 4.5 and he's in 'kindy' this year, which is the first year of part time schooling here in WA. We are thankfully home educating, so he gets to go to his kindy room at day care still which is 1 day a week very soon, and the rest of the time he's with me, learning with his big brothers. I love that I can hold onto them for a bit longer.
    3.5 years seems so young! My 2 bigger boys started kindy (3 days a week) when they were 5 years and 4 years 10 months!
    Cherish them while they are young, for they grow up in the blink of an eye.

  2. Middle School! Holy Hell, overnight attitude in this house. Since he started High School, everything is an argument. Unbelievable. However, I am assuming it is term one adjustment, so am trying not to take the relentless bait. Term 2, if it's still going on, he will find he's grounded A LOT.
    I still clearly remember my middle child's outburst when he started school, shrieking "I can't be good all the time, you know!" meaning he was holding it all in being perfect at school, and I was getting the unravelling at the end of the day. I would rather the school sees the angel and I get the attitude, so am prepared to deal with the adjustment period...good luck.
    That all said, my kids love school (though they deny it). They love band and being on the newspaper and all the other extra curricular things (except the concert - too cool for dance) There are so many great things about schools and if you get a good year, the tight friendships are astounding. With everything there is good and bad.

  3. Parents go through this transition once for each child but teachers, (me), experience this pleasure every single year with a fresh lot of faces and attitudes.
    Envious?! ;o)
    From my experience, year 8 into 9 is the worst for the attitude. The hormones kick in, the friendship groups change and kids try to figure out where they fit in.
    When they've worked it out they usually spring back to normal.
    We complain but from their perspective, it must be so difficult.

  4. My first week has been madness! Where is all this time I'm supposed to be having? I feel more flat out than I ever have! I guess it won't settle down until my youngest (who just started school) is doing full days. Until then I just have to struggle through what I can.
    Big hugs lovely :)

  5. Oh I've talked about school transition too much already, so I'll spare you, because for us it's never simple. Suffice to say, 2 weeks in, we are in a very good place, and I can think about thinking again! Good luck with deciding on your littlest's next plans. #teamIBOT

  6. I am lucky to be in a position where I can remain relatively ignorant about those sort of processes, Mr Just-3 is at a daycare that has a pre-prep/kindy program that is highly regarded so I don't need to look at external options. The only decision we will have to make is if we should start him with his friends at the start of the school year (his birthday is before the start of term) or at the half year intake and that's a decision we can't make until closer to the time. I hope he will be ready to go to school with all his little friends but if he is not, there's no harm in him starting a little later. Good luck with figuring out what is best for your little one.

  7. This is week 3 and my girl still LOVES it - but at times is so tired. The homework thing is also tough because she isn't a quick learner. I hear about just keeping going - there just isn't enough of us to do everything all the time. Pick you battles, be kind to yourself and fairy wishes and butterfly kisses back at you xxx

  8. Miss 4 hasn't started yet - next year is the big one for us! Keep smiling :)

  9. School at 4-and-a-half! Crikey! Our youngest will go to preschool next year (she will be almost four), and I guess we will see how things go from there. She could start kindergarten at five or six, so I suppose that is something we will have to discuss at some point, too.
    The first couple of weeks back at school have been pure chaos. Our kids seem to have settled in okay, but the start of school also means the start of dance and music lessons, OT and speech therapy, and all kinds of extra curricular activities. It is all full-on!

  10. I've always felt minding another child (aka having a little friend over) is almost easier, because it keeps them both amused!

    I just have one at school now - Miss 16 is in Year 12! What the!

  11. We held our little man back a year
    He wasn't ready
    I had a gut feeling then, but I know now that it was the absolute right decision!
    You raise such an interesting point of starting high school so young - yes they may be ready for prep - but what about high school and the territory that unfolds there for such a little person?

  12. do we ever think our kids are ready? i don't know. I didn't think Nick was, then I thought he was, now I am wondering if he is again, 3 weeks into school. Sometimes we just have to dive head first and do our best. x Aroha

  13. It can be like that sometimes can't it, your words make things seem more extreme than your actual feelings.
    As for starting school, I think you just need to follow your gut.

  14. My Miss nearly 3 will be either young or old for her year. We're thinking she'll be young. But it's a hot topic...

  15. The twinlets won't start for another year or 2. It depends on when we think they'll be emotionally ready. It can be a tough decision, can't it?

  16. I have wondered so many times, especially with Bridie, if I did the right thing. Last year I was sure I hadn't and yet now I think I did.
    It's hard, and I think it's one of those things that only time will tell. :(

  17. We have had such a struggle with Miss9 and whether she was school ready. She started young, repeated grade one then skipped grade 2. No shit. It was all on the advice of the school and very frustrating. To avoid the same issue again, Mr4 will wait until he's 6 to start. They're both Jan/Feb babies and it's such a big decision to make x

  18. Sometimes these decisions are so hard to make - and unfortuantely you don't know if you made the right decision until years later. It may help to sit quietly, think about the question and concentrate on how you feel and what comes up for you.
    It's so good when children get on together - makes life so much easier to manage.
    Have the best week possible !

  19. Keep going is a good mantra Rhianna. It's so nice of you to take care of the child of your friend.

  20. I am certainly questioning our sending our first daughter to school. I always wanted to home school and it was difficult to accept that it wouldn't work for us but now that she has actually started school, I am wondering if I shouldn't have pushed harder to home school!
    Just keep going is a good mantra. I might have to admit it x


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