Wednesday, September 26

Wordless Wednesday - A hidden roadside treasure

The other day I wrote of this place.

The only photos I took that day were with my camera.

The only way I could get photos on the blog while I was on the road was if I took them with my phone.

 Now I am home however, I have more photos than I know how to share.

I long to be back here now.

Joining in with an almost wordless post for Aussie Wordless Wednesday hosted by
My Little Drummer Boys


  1. Looks lovely - and oh so peaceful!

  2. Looks like a peaceful and tranquil spot, I can almost hear the water running. beautiful :)

  3. Looks like a real treasure that spot. So much follage and green and untouched. Find!

  4. Beautiful... one of the things I love about traveling is finding these little spots! Looking forward to it! :) x

  5. This hidden roadside treasure looks beautiful. It reminds me of where we used to live. Wordless Wednesday is great for sharing photos. I believe you can never take too many photos.
    Prue x

  6. It looks lovely. I'd be going back too :) Rachel xx

  7. Beautiful scenery. I love all those photos

  8. Gorgeous. I daydream about being able to spend some quiet time in a beautiful spot like this.
    Cheers Mumabulous

  9. A treasure idea. Beautiful pics Rhianna.


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