Saturday, September 8

The Adventure Begins

In my head I had hoped that we would be able to leave around ten o'clock. Mr Awesome thought we should have been able to leave much earlier than this. Especially since all the bags were packed and waiting to be loaded into the car.

As it turned out we were ready to hit the road by 9.30. Mind you we did have to stop and pick up a oh cat that had been left behind at a friend's house earlier in the week. Shortly after ten we were on the highway and ready to roll.

Driving away from suburbia and heading towards the beauty that is the Australian outback I could feel the worries of the world fall away. The holiday magic was kicking in and I was loving every second of it.

Just after lunch we reached our first destination, Katherine. After stocking up on some meat pies from the local (and only) bakery we found a shady tree and had a picnic.

While being one of the Territory's major towns there is not a lot there. It is pretty much a pass through town and set up as such. There is one main road and not much else. Well not much else for us to see on this trip. Being only a little over three hours away we have actually been here quite a few times before.

Being a responsible driver Mr Awesome had a quick check under the bonnet. Turns out the radiator was a little wobbly and in need of a cable tie to hold it in place. Cable ties - there is little they can't fix.

Once the girls had had a bit of a run and stretched their legs we bundled them back into the car and continued on our merry way. The first two days were going to be our longest and hottest and we wanted to get them out the way.

Shortly after dark we arrived at Renner Springs. With their small and very basic motel rooms we decided that enough distance had been made for one day. As much as I love night driving it probably wouldn't have been very fair on the girls to keep going.

After a muchly needed hamburger and chips we headed back to the room and crashed. Who knew sitting in a car for some seven hours could make you so sleepy?

Turns out my body is under the misguided impression that it only needs five hours sleep so by 3am I was wide awake and ready to go. Laying there staring into the darkness I contemplated whether I would be able to get everyone into the car without waking up so we could get a super early start and make some great ground I the cool early morning.

As much as I may have liked the idea I knew it wasn't really feasible or fair so I rolled over and tried to convince myself sleep was not impossible. Which of course it wasn't.

By 7.30 we were up, fed, dressed and back on the road ready for the part of our adventure.

Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses

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