Tuesday, September 11

It is not always roses

As you read this I am more than likely on the final leg of my journey to Cairns. Well if you are reading prior to lunch time on Tuesday that is the case. As I type this it is lateish Monday night and I am feeling somewhat drained.

Yesterday was a mammoth day and saw us travel from Mount Isa to Townsville. Some nine hundred kilometers. Which equates to ten hours or so driving.

After the tyre incident the previous day we felt the need to be as close as possible to a larger town and decided to push through as quickly as possible. Plus since we had a few family members that we wanted to catch up with in Townsville the sooner we got there the better.

Thankfully we arrived without any further issues. Said tyre has now been replaced and we are short $700 from our holiday fund. We decided that it would be better to by two new tyres so they can age at the same time. Being sensible is a right pain some times.

Only getting in the car to travel a short distance this morning was lovely. We went down to The Strand and then had a wander round the local Aquariam. Which will hopefully become a separate post tomorrow as there were some rather cool fish.

Actually getting up and not having to be anywhere was lovely. As much as I have enjoyed all the driving it was nice not to feel like there was a rush to be somewhere. I stayed up far too late last night and woke way too early.
Coupled with some poor sleep it is no wonder I am feeling a little drained.

While I may normally be able to find the silver lining, even on the greyest of days today has been far from that. Instead most things has been an effort and I have longed for some alone time. Not to mention my desire to go for a run. I can't even remember the last time I went for a run and I am so scared that if I don't get out there soon I may never run again. Making all the effort of the past seven months a bit of a waste.


While I am having a whinge, did I mention I smashed the screen on my phone? Yesterday when we arrived here it somehow just slipped from my hands and bounced along the driveway. Thankfully I can still use it I guess. Every time I look at it though I want to cry.

Before you start telling me I should have a cover on it, I usually do. Only it leaves a shadow when I take a photo. Trying to be the best blogger I can and share as much as possible with you, my dear readers, I had taken the cover off to snap the awesome shots for today's post.

Needless to say I don't think they were worth the price I had to pay.
But enough of my moaning because it is #IBOT over at Diary Of A SAHM. Head on over and check out some of the other great posts that are up this week.

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Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses


  1. Oh what a pain... The tyres, your phone, the massive day in your car. We travel to explore and expand, to see and to be inspired but sometimes it is just so draining and all you long for is your own bed and some alone time.... Hopefully you get some Rhianna time whilst you're in Townsville. If you can get away for half an hour go for a run along The Strand; the flat, scenic path and the fresh air will be good for your soul!

  2. My kids have ruined my phone too!! What an awesome trip you are having!1

  3. I have smashed a few iphones and I always have a cover. It doesn't seem to help me :) Rachel x

    #teamIBOT was here

  4. ohhhh hon.. cover schmover! i hope you enjoy your holiday, and get lots of relaxing and down time in.. you sure deserve it!


  5. what a massive trip!! Enjoy!!!!

    #teamIBOT was here to say hello!!

  6. My in-laws live in Townsville and I know that Aquariam very well indeed! Look forward to your review.

    Hope the rest of the journey is uneventful and relaxing. Happy holidays! x

  7. Mega hugs hon!! I'm trying to work up my enthusiasm for our trip... two weeks and counting!
    No excuses, just a lot of unknowns. Here's to a much safer and happier trip from here for you! xxx

  8. Gawd you've had a bad stroke of luck. Hope it all get better this week! xx Holidays are nice even with the bumps though aren't they.

  9. I get this. While the drive is fun, it's so nice when you don't have to rush around the next day and can take your time.
    I'm so jealous of your road trip. We must be due for one I think


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