Sunday, September 9

Moving Along

As I type we are on our way to the Queensland border. There are still some 350 kilometers till we get there. Then another 300 or so I think until we get to Mount Isa which is the planned stop over for tonight.

Once we get passed Mount Isa we will slow down a little. Partly because we will be so much closer to our final destination and partly because there will be more things to see and do.

Words can not begin to explain the nothingness that is out here.

Oh how I love it though.

I love how it feels like we could be the only people in the world. It is like the rest of the world has ceased to exist and all there is, is us and the road. The long straight road that looks like it leads to nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

The words to Dorothy McKellar's poem I love a sunburnt country keep swirling round my head. Already we have seen plenty of sweeping plains and wide brown land. Though really the dirt is more red than brown.

One of the things I love looking at most is all the different shades of green. In any one spot where there are trees and grasses growing there are at least seven different shades. Ranging from a deep dark to a light green that almost looks yellow.

Sadly most of my photo taking has been on my camera which means I don't have many to share here yet. Once we reach Cairns though I will be able to do a download and then you will be inundated with all the beauty that is before my eyes.

Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses

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  1. So exciting! Hope you're all having a great time so far and the long drive isn't making everyone crazy. Will be well worth it once you arrive in Cairns I'm sure! Looking forward to hearing more! Driving in the outback scares this city girl!


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