Thursday, September 13

Thankful For A Baby Sister

Some nine thousand eight hundred and fifty nine days ago a baby girl was born. In the days to come she would travel the world, meet the man of her dreams, have a baby and eventually marry the love of her life.

In that time she would also break many a heart and grow into a beautiful young woman. She would also turn out to be a fabulous friend, a dedicated companion and the best baby sister a seven year old could get for her birthday.

Not a day has passed where I wished for it to be any other way. In fact, to this day I have been more than thankful for my wish come true of a baby sister born on my birthday.

I am thankful that she has found someone so caring and loving. That is prepared to treat her like the princess that she is and we all deserve to be.

I am thankful she has found a life partner to stand by her through thick and thin. Someone who loves her in a way that only family can.

I am thankful that they have invited me to share with them, their very special day. I just know it will be magical in every possible way.

The fact that they have decided to celebrate this wonderful union in a tropical paradise is just another thing I am thankful for. As is the fact that we were able to arrive safely and in one piece.

Being able to take my children on an outback adventure is only more reason to feel like I am incredibly blessed. Though to be quite truthful, right now I am sure there are about a hundred things I am thankful for.

Things like the fact when we blew a tyre, we had a spare. Followed by the being able to replace the tyres that needed repairing.

The warm, welcoming and kind hospitality of our Townsville family is right up there on the list if thanks for this week as well. I am deeply touched by my recent times with them. Especially given some of the transactions of the past.

I guess in some ways that may make me thankful for water under the bridge. Which is not always an easy something to be thankful for but I do think that after the last few days I can say I am. Just like I am thankful that as a person I can always grow.

For now though the last thing I am thankful for is that Kate hosts this awesome meme

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Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses


  1. ohhhh rhi - family are so precious. I loved reading about your sister, it sounds like you are an awesome big sister :)

  2. I love reading about families who get on so well - renews my faith in humanity !!!
    Have a great day !

  3. I come from a very close family myself , I have three big sisters and a younger brothers, and my sisters are my best friends, I wouldn't ask for anything more! Love family!

  4. Beautiful Rhi. I sometimes wish I was closer to my siblings but we had a very different upbringing. I love and appreciate them but we aren't close!
    You are blessed. xx

  5. My gosh, so many beautiful posts this week! I love it, sibling love is so precious. How funny that you share a birthday! My daughter was born only 16 minutes after my son's birthday. I reckon she held out that little bit longer so he wouldn't steal her limelight! AND she was 2 weeks late mind you!

  6. I always wanted a sister but I had to wait until my brothers married to get them!


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