Sunday, September 9

Nothing like a blow out

Last night saw us camping at Mount Isa. We got in about about 4pm which was an hour later than we expected when we set off in the morning. The delay was due to blowing a rear tyre about a hundred kilometers from our destination.

In the three years we have owned our Patrol, this was the first time we have had to change a true on it. Given the weight of it all I am more than glad that Mr Awesome as on hand to be the Mr Muscles.
The suckiest part of the whole tyre fiasco is that we paid top dollar for what we thought was a top brand. Only a few short months ago as well.
I wish that I had a large enough following to be able to walk into a tyre centre and have them discount me two new tyres. Sigh. One day. In the meantime we now have to reassess our finances to accommodate this unexpected expense. If only money grew on trees.
On a happier note though our tent, which was purchased for our adventure turned out to be a very good buy. It had plenty of room, was easy to put up and take down and kept us incredibly warm.
Turns out that winter hasn't quite left Mount Isa and it went down to 10 degrees overnight. You can imagine how cold that felt to the tropical locals who had only packed for cool not cold.
Where yesterday we were thinking things were going to slow down from here on in, today we are thinking that is not the case. After the tyre incident we are keen to get to Townsville where we should be able to get a couple of new tyres with it only costing an arm rather than an arm and a leg that the little country town will probably charge. Especially since it is the weekend and all.
As we left Mount Isa we drove through some beautiful mountain ranges. I once again found myself wondering if this was what promoted Dorothy when she penned her poem. Mind you as beautiful as they were I was a little glad to put them behind us.
I am not normally one to experience motion sickness but all the winding and up and down is not exactly pleasant for my stomach. Poor little Miss Six was an interesting shade of green as well. Thankfully it did not last for too long though.
Once we left the mountain ranges we entered cattle country. The difference in the landscape was amazing. Suddenly the rugged rocks were replaced with wide open fields filled with grasses gently swaying in the breeze. Trees became a scarcity and there was essentially nothing to see for as far as the eye could see.

The multitude of greens from yesterday were replaced with an array of browns and yellows as the parched lands wait patiently for the rain to come. Out of all of the creeks we have gone over only one has had water. The rest all bone dry.
Despite the dryness of it all there are countless signs warning that the area is subject to flooding. It is hard to imagine how such flat dry land could ever flood.

Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses


  1. Loving hearing about your tip. Very sad news about the tyres though :(

  2. I am catching up on your posts and living vicariously through them FYI.

    Oh I want to go on holiday!!


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