Thursday, September 6

Thankful Thursday - Awesome Days

Thankful ThursdayAs far as awesome days go, Tuesday was certainly right up amongst them. Granted there was no major lottery win or some other life changing significant event, but there doesn't always need to be.

In fact for me some of my most awesome days are filled with simplicity and little things. Tuesday was a one of those simple and little things day. You know the ones were everything just ticks along as it should.

Mind you there were a few rather outstanding little gems. Like finding the dress I wanted to wear to my sister's interstate wedding. Not only finding it but finding it at a reasonable price and quite possibly made locally which I just love. All of this amplified by the fact there are three days before the departure date for said wedding.

The purchase of the dress was awesome in so many ways as well. It is a gorgeous little shop with way to much stock for the walls to hold but naturally this also means there is so much to choose from. The gorgeous owner was so helpful and just generally lovely that it was almost joy that I parted with my money. I say almost because no matter how wonderful someone is I still like to hold onto my cash as much as possible.

Since Miss Two had been an absolute delight in the shop and I had woken up to late make myself coffee this morning, I decided to treat us to a take away cuppa and a kindersurprise at the corner store.


Not only was it the best coffee I have had for a long time but the shop was also full, well there were two, rather nice young men who knew how to make a tired old mum feel not so tired or old. Which are both pretty awesome skills in my books. Not that I actively go searching for young baristas to chat up or vice versa it is still pretty cool when you come across them.

But wait there is more.

Being hip to the hop youngsters they have a rather cool coffee app that lets you scan in every purchase you make and gives you the 7th coffee for free. As an extra bonus for joining their rewards program the first cup is on the house!

Yep that's right not only did I get awesome coffee from some friendly young spunk but it was also free. Win, win, win, I say!

I really am so very thankful for all that I have and all the little rays of awesomeness that are so frequently sprinkled my way.

Tomorrow sees us embark on our highly anticipated road trip. Thankful doesn't even begin to explain how I feel about being able to give the girls this wonderful experience. We really are blessed to be so fortunate.


  1. Great coffee and hunks in the same establishment! It doesnt get much better than that!
    All the very best for your trip. I'm sure it will make for great reading.
    Love Mumabulous

  2. Those days are the best aren't they. You don't need to be doing much but when all the little things fall in to place i all adds up. And free awesome coffee from young spunk? That's an awesome day even without the other things!

  3. Free coffee? Finding the dress you needed at an awesome price? Winning all the way! Hope today is just as wonderful! xx

  4. I love simple nice days. Enjoy the wedding x

  5. Hahaha I love it! Your Tuesday sounds fantastic. Love the dress, have a great time at the wedding x


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