Thursday, September 27

The Mechanic

When I started typing this I was sitting on a rather dusty and old lounge in an unairconditioned workshop. After traipsing  around the city al day pretending to still be on holidays

Me, wishing I was still on holidays

I could no longer find anything else to amuse myself with and had returned to the workshop to wait for the mechanic to tell me he had finished fixing the air conditioner in my beloved Patrol. I was hot and sticky and starting to feel rather worn out. I didn't want to be there and it wasn't just the stifling heat that was making me somewhat uncomfortable.

You see the mechanic was not just any old mechanic. Well he is in many ways but there are also other factors that come into play with this mechanic.

Many many moons ago, before I was a wife and mother this mechanic thought that he and I were soul mates. For a brief moment I did too. Back then I was a wide eye and rather naive nearly twenty one year old. I was ready to conquer the world and all it had in store for me.

My boyfriend at the time had been so since before I finished high school. We had been living together and playing house for a few years, it made me feel very grown up. Studying, working, having a strong secure relationship and all that, but I was suddenly feeling the urge to grow up some more. Unfortunately he wasn't.

What all of this boiled down to was me getting a new more grown up job (working in a surf shop for over seven years did not seem a thing for a grown up to do) and eventually running off with the mechanic. Only back then he wasn't a mechanic but my boss at the phone shop.

At the time I hadn't really needed to do the whole job interview thing before. I had started working in the surf shop shortly before turning fourteen. They looked after me well and it was one of the coolest places to work so I never bothered going anywhere else. It was a family owned business and the family wasn't going anywhere, they were hands on and staying that way. There was never any hope of me being anything other than a sales assistant, so I went searching for more.

Not really sure where to start I went to an employment agency and filled out a heap of paperwork. From there they sent me to work at the new Telstra shop as a temporary employee. Being a temp is worse than being a casual. I felt like nothing more than a mere number and while the paid lunch break was appreciated it was fifteen minutes shorter than what a permanent employee got.

Unfortunately for me there were no more permanent positions there so I kept looking for something in the same industry. As luck would have it a position was up for grabs with another telecommunications company and I jumped at the chance to interview for it.

As you would imagine I was some what nervous about the impending change I wanted to bring about in my life. Especially as I headed off to my first ever official job interview. I felt so grown up. Wiping my sweaty palms on my new 'interview' dress I took a deep breath and proceeded through the front door.

The lady behind the reception desk told me there had been a few unexpected issues arise if I would be so kind as to wait a few minutes it would be greatly appreciated. I took a seat and tried not to concentrate on the millions of butterflies that had suddenly invaded my stomach.

They didn't stay for long. Within a minute of sitting down I could hear a man's voice yelling obscenities into a phone as he heavily paced around a room out the back. This lack of professionalism eased my nerves no end. I suddenly felt like I would fit in just fine.

After about ten minutes the swearing ceased and the man came to greet me and apologize for any offense I may have taken to his language. We then went on and did the interview. Which really just turned out to be a bit of chit chat.

To this day I can still recall the moment I walked out that door. As I turned to close it behind me I remember looking at this person and just knowing my life was about to change. I knew without a scerrick of a doubt that the job was mine. I also knew that the man was heavily attracted to me and I liked it a lot. A real lot.

Anyway to cut a long story short I got the job. Within three days of starting said job I was running off with the boss, who was some fifteen years older than I. All very grown up.

Needless to say this whole affair thing barely lasted six months. However they are some of the most action packed months of my life and in many ways shaped the wonderful person that I am today, but that is a whole different post. Today's is already going on for long enough and I am still not even close to the point I wanted to make.

You see on Monday when Mr Awesome took the car in to get it looked at I said him

"So you know the mechanic is Brett don't you?"

Fully expecting him to say yes you have told me every time I mention taking the car in there it is him, but he didn't. Which is weird because I do.

Instead he looked at me with a funny smile and said.

"What your Brett?"

My Brett??? How the flip after eight years of marriage can anyone be my anything unless it is Mr Awesome being MY Mr Awesome?

At this point we were sitting outside the workshop waiting to go in. The men had already been talking but I elected to stay in the car with the sleeping child. While there are other mechanics that fix air cons in town, Mr Awesome had heard from others that this was the go to guy. Who was I to disagree.

Anyway from here Mr Awesome's next remark just left me speechless. Totally and utterly speechless.

"So he must be well hung then" he says.


In what crazy universe does a husband ask his wife how well hung an ex lover is? Surely that is on par with does my bum look big in this? There is no right way to answer either is there?

Choosing to ignore his question out loud, my internal voice wanted to scream no but he gave great head because by this point in time it was all a bit much for me. The two had met before and I have always been rather open about all the things I got up to in the past but something funny happens to me each and every time I see this man.

You see I love my husband more than anything, always have and always will. However some of the things the mechanic and I went through together were pretty amazing he really did help shape my life in so many ways. Had he been quick off the mark with a marriage proposal I probably would have said yes.

I am oh so glad he wasn't quick off the mark though, as life would have taken a few drastic turns and I wouldn't be here like this now. And here like this now is right where I want to be. That I have no doubt about.

-fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

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  1. LOL! Glad your hubby can have a joke about it. Honestly, it's all in the past, and we all have one of those. That doesn't make it any easier to have to face the person though. I'm glad no one of former importance lives near us!


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