Friday, September 7

Things I Know About Packing and Holidays

Hard to believe that it is Friday already. Especially when you have been waiting for Friday as long as I have. I mean we all always look forward to Friday because it signifies the coming onset of the much loved weekend. Only I having been looking forward to this particular Friday for quiet some time.

So why is this Friday so highly anticipated?

Well this Friday is the day that we get to embark on our road trip to Cairns and boy am I excited!!

Of course I would be even more excited if it wasn't currently 3/5 of the way packed and nine hours out from expected departure time. No wonder I have taken time out to blog hey?

So what is it that I know this week?

I know that packing is a pain.
I know that packing for five people is even more of a pain
I know that packing two separate suitcases for each of the five persons is an even bigger pain again. Though I do keep reminding myself that in the long run this will pay off because people will not need to search through the 'good clothes' while looking for the 'not so good clothes' when we are in transit.

I know that by now I should know to start packing earlier rather than leave it till the last minute. Only to stop before the end in order to blog. (oh the things I do for my readers:)

I know that leaving this post to go and finish packing was a very very wise idea.

I know that when I get up in a few hours I will think of all the things I forgot to pack.
I know that before I reach my destination I will think of all the other thing I forgot to pack.
I know that by the time I return home I will have things that I didn't necessarily forget to pack but wish I had with me.
I know that even though I know all of those things, right now, at stupid o'clock and way past my bed time, I can not work out what any of those things might be.

I know that regardless of what I forgot or did or did not have, this trip will be awesome.

I know that while I am away I will not get to read and comment on all my favourtie blogs.
I know that recent weeks have seen me become a little slacker than normal in terms of commenting.
I know that I am sorry for that, and I promise when I get back I will make it all up to you.

And finally the last thing I know for this Friday is that is way past my bedtime and my brain has suddenly turned to mush.

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  1. I understand packing is a pain, leaving to the last minute stressful.

    But let's be honest you have to wait to the last minute the clothes aren't all clean and dry off the washing line.

    That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

  2. I never feel like I'm going on holiday until I'm actually there. And I hate packing too.
    Hope you have an awesome time and look forward to the stories on your return x

  3. Don't forget to let us know how it goes! We'll be following your trip in a few weeks... with three kiddos in tow! Eep! Enjoy!! xx

  4. I always pack the day before and then unpack every thing and redo it, I'm really good at being too cautious and packing too much, so I do a cull. Being the packer for three people, me and the kids, It's usually me I forget something for. Enjoy your holiday :)


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