Friday, July 8

Refreshed and Recharged

That is how I feel right now.  Well that and a bit stiff and sore.  And I am truly grateful for it.  All of it, even the stiff and sore part.

We have just returned from our outback adventure and let me tell you, it was awesome and then some.

As I sit here I am so a buzz with energy to write that I can't actually find where to start.  And again I am grateful for it, as it means I am inspired and rearing to go.  My creative soul feels alive and ready to grow.

As I flitted between staring blankly at my empty blogger page and my FB home page I came across an item from a blog I like to follow which led to yet another fantastic blog and linking game that I thought I would add to.  Especially as right now I feel like one of the luckiest people around with much to be grateful for.
So here's to Maxabella Loves for hosting I am Grateful and helping me get a little focus to get started and back in to blogging after my much needed break.

I am grateful for the chance to take a week off from the world.

I am grateful for the fact that I live in a place where I can freely drive around the countryside without a worry or care in the world.
travelling the outback

I am grateful for my wonderful mother and mother in law who looked after our home and animals which allowed us to take this precious week away. 

pretty purple flower in the australian bush
 Which gave me the opportunity to take these photos and cherish some amazing family time
perfect bush swimming area

I am grateful for the fact I can walk and climb over rocks and get to experience such wondrous beauty.

I am grateful for the fact that we know how to find such a beautiful place and not have to worry about crocodiles.


  1. i love this sentence 'my creative soul feels alive and ready to grow' - such beautiful pictures! x

  2. Oh, you are so lucky to have experienced this. I agree with Georgi, that line is sensational. Welcome to you! x

  3. What an amazing experience you have just had. And I bet you'll be riding on the adrenaline for some time yet! Beautiful photographs. And have fun looking at them over and over again. xx

  4. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous - and I am forever grateful for Maxabella too for our grateful link up xx

  5. Your photos are just amazing... and I so need a holiday,too.

  6. Very lovely post - thanks for sharing a little of your world


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