Thursday, January 16

Thankful Thursday

Last week when I finally got around to writing my thankful Thursday post, I realised that in amongst all the rascally gremlin playing from the previous week I no longer had the code for my glorious little blog buttons. Only I had no time to do anything about it. I am thankful that now I have.

As much as it seems like forever ago I can still remember how exciting it was to put together my first ever blog button. It was way back in December 2011 in case you were wondering. I was so thankful to a Daisy for sharing how easy it was to go and make a button.

If you too want to know more about button making I have a simple to follow tutorial that is on the press of a button away.

Not being one to rush into too much change, other than my current buttons that is the only other button I have had here. Whenever I look at my header or branding images I get all kinds of warm and fuzzies and don't imagine I will be changing any of it any time soon. Well maybe the fonts but only if the day where I have nothing else to do ever comes.

While for the most part I created my lovely buttons and header myself, all the images were actually given to me by my very dear friend Jess. Something I am incredibly thankful for every time I come here because I still just love my little fairy and butterflies oh so very much and it was a very generous and thoughtful thing for her to do. Mind you there are about thousand things I could give thanks for in terms of Jess and knowing her, she really is one of those one of a kind type people.

Now I know that I have probably harped on about it enough already but it really was such an honour to start the week not only featured in the Digital Parents weekly newsletter but to also be front and centre over at Red Dolls as her Blogger of the Week.

What I am quite possibly more thankful for though, are all the beautiful people who not just offered their congratulations on these little accolades, but mentioned how deserving they felt it all was. The feelings of appreciation, support and love that I have felt this week are something I am super thankful for.

Other blessings this week include a new nephew. Sadly he lives far to far away from me so I can't steal some new born cuddles but I am so thankful that my brother and his wife were able to welcome their second bundle of joy safely into their arms. I am thankful too that my mum was able to be close by for this special time. Not that it affects me any her being there but I know how much it means to her and that is enough to warm my heart.

We were reminded on Saturday just how precious life is, especially the life of children. A fellow worker in Mr Awesome's office tragically lost his son to SIDS. I know that there is nothing to be thankful about such a situation, it is absolutely heartbreaking. Those parents lives have been changed forever and they will never be the same again. However I am thankful to know that because of generous donations they (and others) will be able to get some support through the likes of SIDS & Kids.

I am thankful for wet and windy weather that has kept us inside and confined to each other for the last few days. With Lovely not being home long it is nice to all just hang together. Despite the odd WWIII moment when sisters decide feuding is game of the moment.

As much as I know we should treasure our possessions and there is no need to update the moment a new model comes out, I am a bit thankful that Mr Awesome went to the trouble of organising me a flash new handset. OMG it is all kinds of shiny and lovely.

It does take a lovely photo

I am thankful we ventured out for a stroll and some fresh air. The gusty winds blew away some of the mental cobwebs of being at home so much. The girls just loved the feeling of almost blowing away. Generally the winds here are rather non existent so it makes for a lovely change.

Earlier in the week I read a post about how a recently married man discovered that marriage wasn't for him. The first time it popped up in my feed I totally ignored it. I assumed that it was about some two bit cheating low life that left his heartbroken new wife. 

I couldn't have been more wrong.

I am so thankful that when it popped up in my feed a second time I made the effort to have a read. It left me with a perspective I wasn't expecting.

The world is full of hope and wonder. You just need to go looking for it some days. Stopping to give thanks is a great way to see what you have. I am more than thankful for all the beautiful bloggers that are taking the time to join in with this little old linky.

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