Thursday, January 9

Thankful for so many things

I am thankful I finished this hat for Teapot.
I am even more thankful that it fits and
she likes it.
It's funny you know, I spend all week long thinking of what I will give thanks for on Thursday. Being someone who feels incredibly blessed in life there is always plenty to choose from. 

So all week long as my blessing fall at my feet I wonder whether it will make the cut to be included in my Thankful Thursday post. Yet here I am, nearly two hours after I would like my post to be live, with no post written and still not certain what shape it will take.

With that in mind today's post is probably going to be a collection of short sentences with no sensible segue between them. I thank you for you understanding.

I am thankful that I don't beat myself up when I miss my self imposed deadlines that really don't make a difference to much one way or the other. Though I do wish I could be thankful for being able to push myself to reach these deadlines.

I am thankful that I realise I am a work in progress so there is still hope for me to be all that I can.

I am beyond thankful that I got to spend so much time with my sister and nephew over the festive period.

I am thankful that during this ridiculous heat wave we have been experiencing this past week I have the luxury of both a pool and air-conditioning.

In preparation for our big adventure in July Mr Awesome has had to step down from his 2IC position at work. Which meant come the new year he had to hand back his work car. I am thankful that we were able to get a motor to put on his bike to make his commute easier. It was much more affordable than a second car.

I am thankful that Mr Awesome is not a mucho mucho man and has the sense to wear a helmet while on said bike. 

Tomorrow sees the return of Lovely who has been visiting family in another state for the first half of the holidays. To say I am thankful is an understatement. Though I must also add that I am thankful she could have the time away. It was something we both needed I think.

I am thankful to Stephanie for telling me about this course. I am a bit excited about the prospect of studying again. Even if it only is for a month. It will be a great motivator for other things. Speaking of Stephanie, she has a rather cool little blog and Facebook page called Wealth On A String. She shares all kinds of amazing money saving ideas. She is still in the foundation stages and doesn't have a big following yet. I know she would be thankful if you headed on over and liked her page.

Today sees the girls and I hanging at the park with friends we haven't seen since last year. I do love the start of the new year when you can make such dramatic sounding statements. I am thankful to have such people in our lives.

Last week ten bloggers joined in with Thankful Thursday, for that I am beyond thankful. And I am not just thankful that they joined in but joined with such beautiful heartfelt thanks.

So tell me, what are you thankful for today?

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