Thursday, January 2

Thankful for the year that was and the year to come

Hello and welcome to the very first Thankful Thursday for 2014. I just know that this year will be full of awesome and plenty to be thankful for. I look forward to sharing my joy with you and am beyond thankful that you have decided to come along for the ride.

Looking for the bright side amongst the darkest clouds is just in built into my nature. And while it might not come naturally to us all I do honestly believe that if you stop to think for a moment or two, you can find a reason not to be blue.

Beautiful sunflower
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There is little brighter than a sunflower
While 2013 was not my most spectacular year it was by no means anything to shy away from either. In fact if I am really honest there were some parts of the year that I am super thankful to have experienced.

Like getting on a plane and traveling interstate ALL BY MYSELF. In March I totally threw caution into the wind, abandoned the kids and did something that benefited no one else in the family. Attending my first blogging conference was something I was thankful for all year long.

As much as I may have struggled at times (both before, after and during the event) I really am glad I didn't sit at home wondering  what it would like to be there like I did the year before. Sadly I doubt that I will make it to DPCON14 but I am pretty ok with that. Well I have a few months to make myself pretty ok with that.

Other exciting bloggy opportunities presented themselves the whole year through. I think though the one I am most thankful for is being able to spend a few hours with Samuel Johnson and the Love Your Sister crew. Having said that though I must admit that I was pretty thankful that Miss Cinders asked yours truly to babysit Things I Know while she had a little break and even more thankful that Francessa passed on this little old Thankful Thursday linky.

But enough reminiscing of the year that was, because let's face it I have probably done more than enough of that the last few days.

Fast forwarding to the current moment and I could not be more thankful for all the blissful family moments we have had over the last day or two.

On New Years Eve we treated ourselves to a trip to the movies and dinner. And even though the restaurant was closed and we just ended having popcorn and lollies for dinner there was so much love and laughter our bellies were more than full.

I am so thankful not just for having such wonderful children and husband but being able to go out and have a night out with them as well. I know for so many families that is just not a feasible option. And I must admit it is only a feasible option for us once in a blue moon which does help to make it all that little bit more special.

Heading home to watch fire works on TV and play a new card game from Christmas with Zany was not just the perfect way to end the night but also the year. I am so thankful that the pressure to go out and get blotto to see the new year in is now so many years behind me.

New Years Day was greeted with a sleep ins for everyone and a lazy morning to boot. I started to beat myself about not doing this and not doing that but then remembered I had made no real resolution to anything so there was no point getting worked up. I am thankful that I let myself off the hook at times. I am even more thankful for making sure I got most of the jobs out of the way the day before so that I could enjoy that time guilt free.

So on this second day of the new year, what are you thankful for?

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