Tuesday, December 31

The Greatest #IBOT Hits of 2013

Having developed the headache from hell last night and then being out of action all day long, sitting here right now is probably not the most wisest of moves. Especially since by out of action all day long I actually meant Mr Awesome having the day off to tend to the needs of children while I lay in a darkened air-conditioned room of bliss. But given this is not just the last IBOT for the year but, the actual last day of the year I couldn't not try and get something out.

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Of course if I was the super organised blogger (or even person for that matter) that I constantly dream of this post would have been written at least a week ago and be all scheduled to go. But alas I am not and while I may have thought a lot about sharing my top IBOT posts for the year until now I have not actually done anything about it till this very moment.

As it turns out I have some thirty odd posts from 2013 that are tagged with the label of IBOT. Which I must say is a little less than I expected. Given that there are fifty two weeks in the year and my dedication to blogging on a Tuesday it is hard to think I missed twenty odd Tuesdays, but apparently I did. Alternatively a much more feasible explanation is that my tagging of posts leaves a little to be desired. Not that it really matter either way I guess.

So what were my top five most read IBOT hits this year?

Well apparently there are lots of people out there who want to know how to make buttons for their blog, because that is by far my most read post. Ever.

There are also quite a few people interested in that infamous Pig in Mud cake and how it is made. And nearly as many who want to make their own chicken soup.

Back in August I went a whole week without blogging. It was mainly a result of being hit by man-flu and by all accounts everyone was interested to know what I had been up to. The most interesting thing out of that post for me was how many cricket supporters I had amongst the ranks.

Lastly but not least, rounding off the top five IBOT posts for 2013 is my hints and tips for throwing a fun and easy stress free party. At the last minute no less.

Though just between you and me this list doesn't excite me all that much. I mean sure they are great posts but they are not up there with what I would term my favourites. And given that I got the chance to hang out with the one and only Samuel Johnson when he was in town it is pretty clear that that would have to be my all time favourite blogging moment to date.

Joining in with the Essentially Jess for the last IBOT of the year
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