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More on Samuel Johnson swimming with crocodiles

While every inch of my being may have been shaking like a nervous wreck, on the outside I liked to think I was holding it altogether. Waiting out the front of Crocosaurus Cove to meet up with Samuel Johnson was some of the most exciting fifteen minutes of my life. Though this excitement level was quickly surpassed once he actually arrived.

In fact my excitement levels began to rise the moment I first spotted the Boob Mobile arrive
The Boob Mobile. Sam and the gangs home for the next ten months
Actually I felt like a bit of a stalker watching them from across the street and slyly taking photos. I contemplated going over and introducing myself prior to the designated meeting time but in the end chickened out. I knew my moment of glory was coming and I some how managed to wait for it.

From the moment the man in pink walked in my direction, smile on his face and hand stretched out ready for introduction I began to feel slightly more at ease. I just kept reminding myself that at the end of the day he is simply a little brother trying to fulfil his dying sister's dare. And hopefully save someone else's sister from a similar fate.

As much as there was a part of me that would have liked to have sat down and asked some hard hitting questions about how one copes with the news that their big sister's life has suddenly been cut short, there was a much larger part of me that knew I just wasn't up for such a conversation. Plus there were much more pressing issues at hand, like was he sure the crocodiles had been adequately fed?

Chopper the croc Sam swum with.
While Sam is making his journey across the country Connie, his sister, has asked for as many people as possible to come up with crazy dares for her brother to do. 

One of which included taking a dip with a croc. 

Mind you it was not just any old croc.

No, Sam, and a lucky raffle winner, were taking the plunge into the tank of Chopper. One of the largest, meanest looking crocs at the cove.

The Bendigo Bank, one of the Love Your Sister platinum sponsors sold raffle tickets in the local branches for one lucky supporter to swim with Sam and Chopper. Which was a brilliant idea, though just between you and me I had hoped that Sam was planning a solo swim, so I could have offered to keep him company!
Mick and Mick.
Mick on the left is a Customer Relationship officer
from the local Bendigo Bank.
Mick on the right is the lucky duck that gets to go
in the cage of death with Sam.

The truly great thing about LYS having sponsors such as Bendigo Bank, Jayco, Dominoes, and Vodafone, (to name but a few, for a full list go here) means that all funds raised, go directly to cancer research. The support given to this venture is beyond amazing and makes my heart swell, as I am sure it does Sam's.

If you would like to donate to Love Your Sister, you can do so in person at any Bendigo Bank, or online here. Donations over $2 are tax deductible and all monies raised go directly to breast cancer research.

With nearly 4000kms under his belt already and just under $170, 000 raised, there is still a long way for Sam to go to reach his one million dollar goal.

As much as breast cancer is a disease that attacks women it is also a disease the leaves a lasting effect on men who are close to those it attacks. Breast cancer affects us all in one way or another. Please help the final answers to the cure to be found sooner rather than later.

I think one of the things that I love most about the Love Your Sister campaign is that it is three young men out there trying to spread breast cancer awareness. Sam is kept company on the road by what I imagine is the best support crew ever with nephew Jonno and buddy Leighton by his side. 

Back to Sam and swimming in the cage of death though.

As you can see, old Chopper can get pretty excited once you start swinging a bit of meat around
As you can also see, Sam and Mick get a bit excited as well.
Actually even without dipping my toes in the water I got pretty excited too. It was after all a pretty exciting kind of day. Though there is certainly no denying that Sam was the most excited amongst us.
Sam shares what it was like swimming with Chopper.
An animal lover and enthusiast, Samuel had nothing but wonder, awe and a whole heap of respect for the majestic creature that he got to get up close and personal with. Something not many get to do even if it is in the safety of the cage of death.

But then again riding your unicycle for 15, 000km  is not something just any old body could do either.

As you read this Sam is on his way west. Once again heading along some of the toughest roads this country has to offer. He has another three weeks in the saddle ahead of hime. All in the name of loving his sister, in a bid to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.

Make sure you check out the planned route to see when the Love Your Sister crew are in a town near you. Please head down and give them a cheer when they are about. And in the meantime, check your boobies and remind all the women in your life to do the same.

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