Wednesday, May 29

From the beginning to rubbish

While the beginning is generally recognised as the best place to start, sometimes finding where the beginning actually begins is easier said than done. But then chances are you already knew that. It is not exactly a startling revelation and aside from all of that I am fairly certain that I have already started at least one post like this before.
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I was going to go and search the blog for the word beginning and see how many posts showed up but I didn't want to lose my train of thought. (We all know how easily that can happen) There is a search bar just to the right though so feel free to go and have a look yourself.

For me finding the beginning is often tricky. It must be, how else can I explain my constant delay in starting anything and everything. If there were ever to be a procrastination championships, and providing I could be bothered to enter, I am quietly confident I would be the winner. I take procrastination to soaring new heights.

Thankfully I am acutely aware of my ways, and as much as possible I try to trick myself into getting things done. And when I say trick I guess I actually mean bribe. In much the same way as I reward the girls screen time for doing jobs (at least when I am the pro active super mum that has the energy to limit screen time which is probably not as often as it should be) I try to reward myself the same way. Only I have a credit account that I have kinda been abusing of late.

With my big race only a few days away now I have pretty much spent the last week and a half running, cycling or thinking about running. Giving up the car for much of last week was a great experience but also took a lot of time. And energy. There were also a lot of things that didn't get done.

The first of which was blogging. 

At the start of the month I was all guns a blazing. One particular day saw me post something on all three blogs. I was on top of the world and in my mind on top of the game. Looking back I was obviously delusional to say the least.

Not surprisingly the attempted revival of Making Time to Make it Matter with the #BlogEveryDayInMay challenge was a total flop. I think that was the main reason I didn't do it here. Much better to have the failures hiding in the corner, a little out of sight rather than in full view. 

But then again maybe that is what I need? A more constant reminder of what I need to do.

Or perhaps I just need to work out what it is I need to do and get on with it? I am such an over thinker at times that often nothing ever ends up actually getting done. Who ever said that it was the thought that counts was a big fat liar. Thoughts do not always count when it comes to action. 

Right now though the pungent fumes wafting from the rubbish bin tell me the thing I need to do most is take out the trash.
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Who empties the bin at your house?

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