Monday, April 1

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With the recent announcement that Google reader will soon be no more there has been a frenzy on the Internet about how bloggers will be able to keep track of all their favourite reads. Initially I was not one who was consumed with such frenzy, however I can gradually feel it starting to build.

Never wanting to be one to miss out (though naturally I often do) (of course compared to many I am still incredibly blessed but you know...) I noticed that most of the cool bloggers seemed to be jumping on this Bloglovin bandwagon.
Follow on Bloglovin

Truth be told I had actually seen Bloglovin badges starting to pop up more frequently even before the Google reader announcement. Looking into it was on my list of things that never got down. Well until now it was.

Apparently in order to claim my blog with the Bloglovin folk I need to have a post with some special little code in it. Well there you go, here is said post. I must admit I did feel just a tad special when I saw that I already had 11 followers. Talk about dedication. Thank you lovelies for making my heart swell.

Mind you I recently took most of my following devices away. It was too disheartening not seeing the numbers go up on a regular basis. I know this whole blogging gig is not supposed to be about the numbers but some days you just can't deny the part they do play.

So what about it?

Are you on Bloglovin
If so are you following me? 
If not why not?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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