Sunday, February 17

Things I Know About Not Making Sense

Things I KnowThe first thing that I know this week is that life is just crazy and sometimes makes no sense whatsoever. Like none. Not even an iota. Hence why it is well past stupid o'clock on Saturday night and I am yet to go to bed, and this post which was started hours and hours ago is still waiting to be finished and published.

The next thing I know is actually more of an I don't know and by that I mean, I don't know how it suddenly got to Saturday early hours of Sunday morning, and I have barely managed to write, at all. Which I know doesn't sound much in the scheme of things but when writing is one of the few things that makes the world stop and make a little more sense to you, it is something you should try and do as often as possible. Like every day.

I know that already having a post written and scheduled is a pretty cool feeling. As is creating a funky new signature for blog posts. Just wait till you get to the end and check it out. Though I have just thought of a little change here and there.

*rushes off to make said changes*

I know that the little changes here and there that I just mentioned, turned out to be a major blog overhaul. Again, yes I know.

Truth be told I never really thought the new header (which is now the old header) was ever quite right.

I know that the new header, which will be released in the next week I think, is going to be awesome. Really seriously awesome. Seriously.

How do I know that with such certainty I hear you ask?

Because someone incredibly awesome helped me. I had mentioned to her earlier in the week how I wanted something different but didn't know what and she just went and made me a few suggestions. Told you she was awesome. I know I am blessed to have crossed paths with her.

I know this whole writers block think I have been through lately has really done my head in. Which possibly explains why I am in danger of seeing the sun rise if I don't go to bed. I am trying to make up for all the computer time I have missed out on of late in one foul swoop.

I know that I really wish I had of gotten around to organising my whole 35 by 35 thing post. Yesterday (Saturday) was 35 days till my 35th birthday. Which I am pretty excited about. Multiples of seven birthdays always get me excited. To me it signifies the changing cycles of life. Starting a new cycle in life is bound to be exciting.

I know that thinking of an awesome post idea involving 35 days of gifts for my readers to tie in with my 35th birthday, really would have been better to have thought about a month or so ago.

I know I am pleased to be joining in with the lovely Miss Cinders and all the things she knows

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