Friday, December 21

Things I Know About My Blogging in 2012

It is hard to believe that the dawning of 2013 is nearly upon us, bringing to a close the year that was 2012. Weeks ago Grace mentioned that her Flog Yo Blog Friday for today would be a reflection on the year. A month by month blow of what went down. She hoped that others would join in, hence all the notice and stuff.

When I read it I got excited. I love having a bit of an idea to get me started. Plus with all the notice it was something I thought I could have already and waiting to go come Friday morning. Naturally though this is not how things panned out and Friday morning came without sight nor sound of a post being anywhere nearly ready.

In fact last night when I was wrapping presents, (which I naturally had to take a photo of and share on Instagram because I am a wrapping ninja and all), I was totally considered just putting up a post saying

Sorry I am busy wrapping presents and waiting for the world to end, no FYBY or TIK for me this year. Merry Christmas and thanks for reading

Or words to that effect.

Only where is the fun in that? Plus given that I am a self confessed linky junkie as if I could really not join in on the last ones for year?

I know that January saw me join in the Photo A Day Challenge for the first time. I didn't quite get every day. I did try again in February and managed even less. I gave up after that. I think that my favourite post for the month was this one on body image

I know that February was an awesome writing month for me. Or at least I thought I did some awesome writing in that month. After much thought, and re-reading I have decided that my favourite post is one called Sometimes I Forget to Remember

I know that March is one of my all time favourite months. Each and every year. Celebrating my birthday probably has something to do with that. This year was one of my best birthday's ever! Despite my initial doubts. As for my pick of the posts for this month? Well it would have to be I Think I Thought I Knew. Sums me all up right there I reckon.

I know that April saw me still flying by the skirt tails of my birthday. The height of my excitement was sky high when I when sky diving. Mr Awesome got me a tandem skydive for my birthday. It was truly awesome (as is he).

I know that May was a really hard month. I wrote little and seemed to spend a lot of time in Struggle Town. I don't like there. Not many people do actually. Too many people seem to spend too much time there. Mind you it is all just part and parcel of being a mum some days I guess.

I know that June was another quite month on the writing front. I also know however that June was the month that I really felt more like a writer than ever before. I was given the opportunity to interview Karen Seebohm. Mother of Olympic champion swimmer Emily Seebohm. She shared with me what it was like to raise a champion.

I know that July saw me write my two post read post ever. The first is about friends and coffee. Turns out there are lots of us that would like more of both. The second was an interview with Eamon Sullivan's mum. I know that interview made me feel all kinds of special.

I know that August was a fantastic month. Or rather there were a couple of days in August that were rather awesome. Like the day someone offered to take me the Kenny Rogers concert after reading this post. Oh man what a night that was.

I know that September was when we went on our road trip to Cairns. Best time ever. My baby sister married the man of her dreams and it was all just too beautiful for words. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful woman in my life.

I know that October is my least favourite month ever. If it were possible to rewrite the calendar and exclude October I would. Of course then Mr Awesome wouldn't have his birthday, but I am sure he would adjust. I know that I thought I was all kind of awesome when I tried to take on the big issues and discussed bullies and freedom of speech.

I know that November was supposed to be all about fiction writing. I also know that I didn't write nearly as much as I thought I would. In fact all in all it was a dismal effort on my part. I still live in hope that I will get round to using all those lovely ideas that I was provided with. November was also the month that the diary closed and mo's were grown

I know that I am glad it is December. December is all about good times with family and friends. It was also the month that I had this post featured in the Digital Parents weekly newsletter. Made me feel all kinds of special.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. A summary of all that has gone down here at A Parenting Life in 2012. While I still have your attention, thanks so much dropping in. Especially those who keep on coming back. Fingers crossed that many first timers will quickly become greatly loved returns.

Wishing all my fellow floggers and knowers the very merriest of Christmas wishes and the happiest of happy new years. May your dreams come true and you never feel blue. May your days be filled with love, laughter and loads of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses.