Sunday, September 30

My Week According To Instagram

Jenn over at Mountains and Musings is doing a Pantone Postcard Challenge. I was lucky enough to find one waiting for me when I arrived home from the road trip to Cairns

This is me pretending to still be on holidays. I had dropped the car off to the mechanic

My new sister in law gave us this fantastic swimming ring that she had for her girls. Bless her beautiful heart. We had never seen anything like it before and it is definitely the new favourite toy.

As I was scrolling through my instagram feed the other day I came across a call for your happy place. This was one of the many happy places I came across on our travels. In fact this is where we camped in Mount Isa.

A little collage I put together of the infamous tyre blow out. I love the bright colours of the umbrellas up against the dry grass.

There were also four other photos that I posted. Some baskets of clothes that are still waiting to be delt with, a tower of dishes that eventually got delt with, a party pie smiley face and some angel cards. I have tried to include them in this post several times but each time something goes amiss. I am taking that as a sign.

So there is my week according to Instagram. Joining in with Tina's blog hop