Sunday, February 5

Brilliant, just brilliant

This year hubs and I are making a concerted effort to make life a little bit more fun. Rather than having memories that are only made on holidays we want to create that same fun feeling each and every week. Like most single income families we are on a relatively tight budget so what ever we do must be as free as possible.

Thankfully we all like the outdoors.  Things like going for a walk or a picnic or a spot of fishing are all big winners in our house.  Which is great as that fits easily into the afore mentioned tight budget.  This week's little adventure brought us here.

The plan being to have a picnic BBQ dinner and a spot of fishing. You can't see it from the photo (because I am too comfortable or lazy to get up) but there is a creek mouth just out of view. The chances of actually catching something are minimal but not impossible. Not that it really matters this is all about the experience more so than actually catching something.

My favourite part of the plan was the bit about hubs taking the girls while I cooked. I spent the afternoon making satays and a flan and a little salad. We have one of those little portable burners that I was going to cook with. Only stupid here left it at home. Yep you read right. We left it at home. How no one really is sure but that doesn't change that it happened.

Now home may only be ten minutes down the road but home is where it will be staying. You see it was later than we planned when we finally arrived which meant the 20 minute road trip to return with missing equipment would just make it too late. And quite frankly I just couldn't face the drive home. I have been on the go all afternoon creating said food that is now not getting eaten (at least not here). The thought of quietly sitting and watching the world pass me by was just to good to pass up.

I must say I do feel a little lazy though.  We could have ridden here but we didn't.  Partly because of time restrictions and partly because of exhaustion and not just mine.  As I sit here in my rather comfy camping chair, acting as if I don't have a care in the world and looking super cool blogging from my trendy new phone, I am  surrounded by lycra covered bodies exercising and taking the dog for a walk.

Can someone please get me another drink?

The amount of people here being active is just crazy, Like ridiculously crazy. Go them I guess.

ahhhhhhhh  (deeeeeep relaxing sigh)

Anyway this will be the perfect end to weekend that was.  It feels good to know we got lots of things done, had minimal upsets and on the whole a really nice time.

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