Thursday, June 4

Thankful for surprises

When I sat down to write this post I had thought I was going to say how while I am thankful to have had the opportunity to return as Thankful Thursday host it was something I was no longer going to do.

It is no secret that blogging has been a bit of a struggle for me of late. Even the creation of a new space was unable to help my words find a way out. I knew that returning to normal life would not be easy but I didn't think it would be quite like this either. Mind you I don't even know how to describe what quite like this is.


All of that is for another post though.

Back to being thankful.

As I procrastinated to find the right words I decided it was the perfect time to check my emails. Which took all of two micro seconds because not only do I check my emails fairly frequently I don't actually get a lot of emails in the first place. Since email checking had failed to take long enough for inspiration to hit I decided to have a quick squiz in the junk folder and then empty the trash folder.

I am so thankful I did.

As I was going through them I just happened to come across not one, not two but three notifications from last week where some beautiful bloggers had decided to come and join in with Thankful Thursday. I was so thankful it didn't even matter that one was not exactly thankful and only one linked back to me. I was just so pleased that a few fellow bloggers had taken the time to join in.

Though I must admit I was particularly thankful to read that this post had a safe ending.

the bigger than bid sand dune
I will leave deciding on the future of my Thankful Thursday hosting for yet another week. It is not something I really want to walk away from but it is also not something I want to be a chore or sound contrite about when I give my thanks.

Other things I am thankful for this week include

  • having a long weekend
  • discovering a rather awesome beachside camping spot only half hour from home
  • being able to spend the long weekend at said camping spot with our buddies
  • watching the kids climb the biggest sand dune I ever did see
  • sitting around a camp fire
  • the start of winter being much milder than I expected
What about you?

What are you thankful for this week?

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