Monday, July 2

What I didn't learn at Blogopolis 2012

In case you were unaware a pretty big event occurred on Saturday just gone.  It was the Nuffnang Blogopolis for 2012.  Mind you I don't actually know much more about it than that.  Given that I am a Nuffnang free zone I guess that my lack of knowledge about the event is not exactly surprising.

It is not that I am against Nuffnag or anything like that I just don't know very much about them.  You see when I first started blogging, many, many moons ago, I did it purely just so I was writing.  The whole handwritten journal had never served me well so I thought I would give an online one a go.  I liked the idea that because it was online I could pretend that other people would be reading it as well.

I honestly thought there would be so few people doing what I was doing, that readers would come purely because there was little else to read.  To say I grossly misunderstood the Internet was a massive understatement.  When I slowly started to become aware of what was actually going on and the size of IT vs me I ran away and hid.  Realising my disillusionment was so incredibly heartbreaking that I was beyond despair.  

It has only been in the last twelve months that I have really considered this whole writing thing seriously again.  My lack of self confidence meant that when I did resume blogging I thought things like Nuffnang Ads were only for the big blogs.  When I realised they were a whole community of all sorts of bloggers I put it on the list of things to do.  Perhaps there was a place for me there after all.

Unlike most people's to do lists, being on mine does not mean it will get done.  In fact most of the time it is the polar opposite.  I have actually considered renaming my to do list with will probably never get done.

Moving right along though.

If I was the super organised blogger that I dream of being instead of the fly by the seat of my pants type that reality currently is for me, I would be going over my scheduled post to join in with Diary of SAHM's IBOT linky.  It is another awesome interview with the mother of an Olympic champion.  A rather dashing and a little bit sexy Olympic champion actually.

Mind you at this particular point in time said post is not actually written which of course makes it difficult for me to go over.  All in good time I guess.

You see I am struggling to write it at the moment because I would much rather be off reading about everyone else's adventures at Blogopolis.  That's how I live, you know, vicariously through others.

For example I was just hanging out over with Tina learning how little I know about SEO and analytics.  Turns out it was even less than I originally thoughts.  It also turns out Catherine over at Cup Of Tea And A Blog, has already written a post with all the great Blogopolis posts.  While the lovely Denyse has done a nice little round up of who was where.

So that merry note I am off.  We both have some reading and vicarious living to do.  Oh yeah and I have that post for tomorrow write...did I mention the very cool pics I have to go with it?  

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  1. GO for it Rhianna, Blog away. Your intentions have always been the best of and one day I know you'll get to that list. xox


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