Thursday, April 5

Thankful Thursday - Inspirational and Thought Provoking People

Every now and then a person comes along that just makes you go wow. Be it something they do or something they say, it just stops you dead in your tracks and makes you stop and think not only about what they are doing but also the way you live your life.

Recent weeks has seen many occasions where I have been left in total admiration and awe of people and their actions. So much so that I couldn't help but share a few of them with you.

The first to mention has to be the awesome Eden over at Edenland. I am sure that most of my readers have already heard of her greatness but just in case you live under a bloggy rock here is the low down.

She is off in Niger, West Africa, seeing first hand the food shortage issues that people of the area are experiencing. Yep full on stuff. Makes whatever worries we might have as rather insignificant. There people, including children who go to bed hungry. They wake up hungry and more than likely spend a large portion of their day hungry. Thanks to the work of World Vision though there is hope.

Thanks to the work of the likes of Eden the word is getting out there that more help is needed. Bloggers helping make a change in the thinking of the world. Who would have thought?

The next person who has made me stop and think is also a blogger. And one I feel a bit special to say I have met in real life. She has just given herself permission to shine and the best part of sparkly Jess is that she not only sees but also creates and encourages other to shine. Just all round awesome and incredibly inspirational.

The third and final person that has left me thinking of late is not someone on the interwebs. It is in fact a lady that I have encountered in the - wait for it - real world. Gasp.

I have only known this wonderful lady a few short weeks but after every conversation I am left deep in thought. She seems to entice me into thought processes that I have not had for many years. Since I was at uni actually, which honestly feels like another life time ago some days. The best part is I don't think she even realises the effect she is having. I can feel my perspectives slowly changing and growing and I like it.

The world is full of such inspiring people and this week I am thankful for the ones that I have comes across in recent times.

Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses

Joining Thankful Thursday with another inspirational lady, Kate from Kate Says Stuff


  1. What Eden is doing is absolutely awesome isn't it? I also mentioned amazing bloggers being amazing this week.
    Jess is fantastic I love the way her personality absolutely bounces off the page when you read her blog.
    And your new real life acquaintance sounds really cool, it is great to have people we can respond to in that way, you are so lucky Rhi. Sounds like you are surrounded by some very inspiring people.

  2. Love this Rhi. Inspiring and awesome people are everywhere, we just need to pay attention sometimes I think :)

  3. Oh I missed this on Thursday! Thanks so much for the mention lovely!


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