Tuesday, April 3

Making the Move for Making it Matter

This incredibly awesome post (I heard self confidence was important) is proudly joining in with the wonders that are IBOT (I Blog On Tuesdays).  Despite me not actually writing it on a Tuesday.

For those new to here and new to IBOT it is a lovely little meme that the very groovy and slightly crazy Diary of a SAHM hosts every Tuesday.

You know that it is a really cool meme because a) lots of bloggers always join in and b) it has a really funky little button.  (That's it just to the left, click on it to go and discover more awesome IBOTers).

Since discovering the awesomeness that is Diary of a SAHM I generally have a post to link up most Tuesdays.  Let's face it you'd be mad not to.  One thing that I have learnt is that it pays to be super organised and have a Tuesday post ready to go well before Tuesday actually arrives. 

Naturally that takes thought, planning and organisation.  I can think and plan till the cows come home.  In fact I am right up there in both categories.  What I am not so crash hot on is organisation.  Perhaps I over plan and over think which leaves the organising side of things being far greater than what it actually needs to at times.  All I really know is that successfully organising something is not something I achieve all that often.

Sure I organise stuff all the time but successfully is another matter.  But I digress.  What I mean to say is that I feel slightly fraudulent harping on about blogging on a Tuesday when nine times out of ten I sit up most of Monday night in order to have a post ready to schedule in for first thing Tuesday morning.

Tonight when I sat down for said post all I could come up with was this.

Not terrible enough to hit delete (especially when it has been a few days since I last posted) and yet not something that was worthy of IBOT.  Oh the quandaries of life and first world problems.

Thinking that I still had plenty of time to come up with something awesome I hit publish and opened a new page already for a fantastic new post.  Then I had an even better idea.  Something I have been toying with for a little while just not really sure of the best approach.  I am still not really sure of the best approach so have just dived in blindly hoping for the best.

Regular readers will recall a little thing called Make it Matter.  It started a little while back to make little parts of my life matter.  It was a new way for me to look at old problems in a bid to create some enthusiasm for the mundane and boring which can fill a mother's world but still needs to be done.

I thought it was a cool idea.  It even had it's own little button so it must have had some cool element to it.

Anyway as cool as it may or may not have been it was not a meme that many took on (thanks muchly to those who did though) and as such I got all despondent and temporarily threw the towel in.  Now that the dust from my hissy fit has settled and I can see somewhat clearly again I am ready to take on a new approach to making things matter.

This whole time there has been this voice inside of me screaming, be it all too quietly at times perhaps, that making it matter is a winner you just need to keep at it.  I am not really sure why but A Parenting Life does not seem like the right vessel to make, making it matter, really matter.  So, the moment you have all been waiting for (drum roll please)

Making it Matter has a brand new home.  A place where I can share what I am making matter and how I am doing so.  A place that I hope you will find inspiration and support in.  A place to let you know that your struggles are not isolated or uncommon.  We all face similar battles and together we can get through them all.  One pile of washing at a time

It is still a sparsely decorated home but that will soon change so make sure you subscribe by email or follow through GFC or Networked Blogs.  They can be found on the side bar of the blog, which if you need the link again can be found here or at the tab at the top called Make it Matter.  

Either way head on over and check it out and let me know what matters to you and what do you need to make matter more?  For now what matters most to me is a wee bit of shut eye before the new day dawns.


  1. I'm glad your little baby Making IT Matter is still alive and getting its own sweet home Rhianna! :) *clap clap clap*

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Oh! Awesome. What a wonderful idea, to give this it's own home. Off to take a look!

  3. wonderful! Im going to check it out now! x

  4. Hey look at that! A cool new blog just for mattering things!
    How clever are you!

  5. It can be so overwhelming to keep up with all the fantastic meme's and linky's getting around, starting a blog specifically for Making It Matter is a great call!

  6. That's so awesome. What a thinker you are!

  7. That is such a good idea! I'll go check it out now.


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