Thursday, April 12

Thankful Thursday - Certainly not a Haiku

This week for Thankful Thursday Kate was challenged to give thanks in the form of a haiku.  Which is a form of Japanese poetry.  Strangely enough when I was pondering over what to give thanks to earlier in the day it had started to take on a bit of poetry feel to it.  When I saw the prompt I just knew it was meant to be.

Well at least until I actually sat down to write it.  Turns out that writing in haiku is not exactly natural for me. (Not overly surprising really)  I did manage to get something out though and if you are just dying to read my efforts go here

I actually have so much to be thankful this week I don't really know where to start.  I had been thinking that I would dedicate this post to the local radio station.  I have been a regular listen for years now.  They are a community based station and therefore have less commercials than the commercial stations which is something to be truly thankful for.

As is the fact that they play songs I know.  Unlike the commercial stations that seem to play songs that I have never heard and generally feel could be used as a form of torture.  All those young hip hop, doof doof songs are just no good for sensitive (read old) ears like mine.

However it is not just their familiar and easy to listen to music that I am thankful for.  They also have some pretty cool competitions.

Recent times have seen me win two prizes.  The first was premium tickets to see Rhonda Burchmore.  With special passes to meet her after show with drinks and nibbles.  Super super cool.  Being incredibly frugal (read poor) going out for a night is something I rarely (read never) do.  Getting dressed up, heading into town, watching a show, and being out late was pretty exciting.  Not having to find the money for all of this was even more exciting.  Thankful is an understatement for my night out.

Fortune shined on me again when I shared a joined in with the breakfast crew's Worst Joke Wednesday.  The night before I was tweasvedropping on a conversation with Kate and Marita when I came across one of the funniest jokes I have heard for a very very long time.  Even just thinking about it now makes me giggle.  Especially since thanks to it I am now the proud owner of a $50 gift voucher to Hogs Breath.

For as much as I am thankful to be on school holidays I am not thankful that is only for a week.  It is just not long enough.  However come the end of June when it is time for our four week break I will be more than thankful.  Especially since Miss Nearly Eleven will be with us for the whole four weeks.

Which brings me to my next bout of thanks.  I am thankful that Miss Nearly Eleven will be home tomorrow.  She may only have been gone a little over a week but it gee it has been a long little over a week.  Miss Soon to be Six has been beside herself with grief at her sisters absence.  It will be nice for normal to resume.

I am thankful though that she has had the opportunity to have such a wonderful break though.  She has been off adventuring on the Gold Coast and taking in all that theme parks have to offer.  Talk about lucky.

Anyway I could actually go on forever about all the little bit of thanks I have to give...

thankful I can run, or at least try to...thankful that Easter was so enjoyable...thankful that my baby had a beautiful second birthday...thankful that I am feeling much more at ease about not having any more babies...thankful that the above mentioned baby, who is now really a toddler, is still happy to breastfeed (makes the whole not having any more babies thing easier)...

...but I won't because you need to head over to Kate's and read all (well at least a few) of the other great Thankful Thursday posts this week.


  1. It is great to be reminded of the things that we can be thankful for isn't it ??

    Enjoy your 'babies' while you can - they grow up so fast !

    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  2. I hope my last baby will feed forever . . . hmm maybe not forever but for a long time. Aren't you lucky winning al those lovely things. Makes the every day hum drum so much better to have a treat now and then :)

  3. Congrats on your winnings Rhi. I love Hog's Breath! Terrible name, yummy food.

  4. Ooh so much awesome! Am excited you won a voucher off the back of a joke, nice one!

    And your haiku was lovely Rhi :)

  5. This is such a nice post. It made me feel thankful to. I wouldn't be able to write a haiku either. Rachel


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