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The Best iPad apps to Inspire Your Kids Creative Imagination

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There’s no limit a child’s imagination. They invent worlds, find adventures and create stories every day – drawing their inspiration from everything and everywhere. Meanwhile, the digital age has ushered in a whole new set of tools for children to learn from. In 2010 Mike Elgan from Computerworld labelled the iPad as the ‘Children’s Toy of the Year’ and with the release of new, innovative apps every month the educational potential of the iPad continues to grow. Here are five of the best:

LinguPingu – Language Learning for Children ($4.49):
Children at a young age are incredibly receptive to new languages and this app provides a creative and fun starting point for a child’s bi-lingual or even multi-lingual vocabulary. LinguPingu uses a combination of visual animation and dialogue and is designed to amuse a child for hours. The languages to choose from are English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Fairytale Math: Tea Party ($1.99):
This app invites your child on a journey with Alice down the Rabbit Hole to join the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, March Hare and Dormouse for tea. In this creative environment maths becomes fun and the child is challenged to practice counting, make patterns with objects and practice addition and subtraction. This app will destine your children for a highly successful job in the commercial finance sector!

Deskplorers (Free):
The aim of this app is to combine history with fun and foster within children a passion for learning. The first season of Deskplorers called ‘Jump in Time’ takes children on a journey through history. Episodes in this season include Deskplorers Egyptians and Deskplorers Cavemen. Deskplorers educate children in history through simple but interesting stories filled with animation, images and sound effects. The storylines also include strong morals and are designed to encourage children to understand the importance of the values of trust, respect and empathy. This app is also an effective way for French-learners to practice their French as dialogues are available in French once a chapter is unlocked.

Children’s Classics ($4.99):
Designed by the highly respected artistic team from the innovative technology company ABCOM, Children’s Classics brings nine children stories to life with dazzling visuals your child will love. The stories include the morally driven ‘The Boy who cried Wolf’, ‘Tortoise and Hare’, and ‘Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs’.

Author Bio: Samantha is a creatively inclined parent who writes on technology and commercial finance.

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  1. The fairy maths app looks great. I am going to check that out right now. My girls are nuts about their apps. Thank you, Rachel x

  2. Thanks for these, I will check them out later today as the kids are getting a bit bored with some of our current apps.

  3. Great! I'm always looking for cool kids' apps! Thanks for the share :)

  4. Love finding new apps to explore. Thanks!

  5. If only I had an iPad, these apps sound awesome :)

  6. will definitely be checking them out.. Im so sick of tom the talking cat.. ugh!

  7. oh!! would love to try out those apps!!... if I had an ipad.. or iphone or anything irelated! :)

    must get with the times one day..

  8. thanks for the post! Will definitely check on these apps!




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