Friday, April 6

The Wanna Be Hairdresser

Yesterday was supposed to be the last day of term. For us it was the second day of holidays. If you could actually call recovering from lack of sleep a holiday.

The midnight run to the airport the other night has been hard to recover from. The absence of Miss Nearly Eleven has also caused great trauma for some members of the family, namely Miss Not Quite Six.

In a bid to cheer her up and based on the old adage a change is as good as a holiday we decided to cut her hair. I must admit the suggestion did spring to mind after I had mentioned (yet again I might add) my displeasure in the fact she continued to put her hair in her mouth. To which she responded with yes please.

All sounded like great idea.

There is only one minor detail. I am not a hairdresser. Nor have any of my previous attempts at cutting hair led me in any way to think I even have an inkling of talent or skill in the field of hairdressing. As my husband rightly put it 'that's why hairdressers get paid a wage'

Bless her little heart for having faith in me though.

Bless it even more for being happy with the final outcome. She went from a bob to a bowl. Only it is a rather jagged and uneven kind of bowl. I had to stop when I did though or else the only way to fix it up was with a razor.

At least she no longer needs to worry about knots.

No it is not that bad. Just a bit quirky. Which is not such a bad thing. I actually quite like it but my husbands reaction made me wonder if I wasn't a little biased perhaps? At least she is happy with it.

I should be writing something inspirational. There are so many people inspiring me at the moment that I want to do the same for others. Easier said than done though sometimes.

I should be making the time to make something matter. After all I have a spiffy new blog based on the concept so I had better start finding something to write about for it.

Deep sigh. Again easier said than done. Really though what I should be doing right now is making food. Tomorrow just happens to be the day Miss Soon To Be Two. Actually turns two.

Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses


  1. Replies
    1. Yes where are they indeed? I can't seem to get the right light

  2. Isnt tba jagged bowl look the latest craze at the moment. Consider yourself cutting edge. Xxx


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