Tuesday, April 3

Goodbyes Suck

Even when you know they are not forever. Goodbyes still suck. Big time. Well at least that is the case when you are putting your not yet eleven year old child on a plane.

I imagine that when saying goodbye to an evil axe murdering zombie it is not quite so sucky. However the chances of me ever having to do that are somewhere between slim and none. The whole putting child on a plane is a far to common event as far as I am concerned.

Sitting here in a rather empty airport at a rather ungodly hour of the morning is possibly one I the most depressing things I have done. Ok maybe I am getting caught up in the moment and being slightly melodramatic but it certainly is not a barrel of laughs here right now.

I just watched a mass exodus of people as the final boarding call for the flight went out. Talk about ways to empty a room quick. It was almost like they thought the plane might leave without them. All of them.

Apparently I am meant to wait here till the plane leaves. As if I am not being tortured enough saying goodbye to my flesh and blood? Now I am expected to sit fighting back my tears while I wait for takeoff. It is almost enough to drive a mum to drink.

Which technically I could. One of the things I love most about where I live is the fact alcohol is so readily available. Even at 1.20am the bar in the airport is ready and waiting for lonely lost souls to drown their sorrows.

Since I need to be driving myself home shortly I guess I will not be partaking in the comfort that can occasionally be found in hard liquor.

I am not even sure why am still here. I guess there is this tiny part of me holding on to the hope that she will suddenly run off the plane and say she doesn't want to go. I need to be here just in case...
Though I probably have more chance of winning lotto despite not buying a ticket.

-fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

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