Monday, April 2

Nothing like a late night ramble

Tomorrow will once again see me pack up Miss Nearly Elven and send her off on yet another adventure. This time she is off to the Gold Coast to spend the Easter holidays with some extended family.  How I wish I could go back to the day where I agreed it was fine for her to go off without me.  The joys of hindsight.

For all intents and purposes though sending her off is the right thing to do.  Apparently.  According to officials and people who know about this kind of thing.  There is a part of me that sees their point.  A larger part of me that doesn't really buy into it that much though.  It is possible that I am slightly biased in some ways but who wants to dwell on that?

This was supposed to be my IBOT post for this week, but I couldn't really think of anything coherent.  Since historically speaking IBOT posts tend to attract more readers I like to make sure Tuesday post are top notch.  This is not to say that the rest of the week is of a lower quality but Tuesdays are the day I like to put my extra best foot forward if you know what I mine.

My mind feels like it has been swept up in a tornado, there are so many different thoughts whirling around.  It is hard to catch one and hold on to it long enough to work out what it is really all about.  There is so much I want to share.  So much I have to tell.  The trick though is getting it all in the right order and sequence.  Like much of life it is all about priorities and working out what needs to be done first.  Not really one of my strong points, which is why my head is in the current jumble it is.

Having said that though, right now in this very moment as I am typing these words all seems very peaceful.  There is some opera diva quietly singing in the background.  Which is accompanied not just by an orchestra but also the sound of the dog having his nightly clean up and the bird gently ruffling her feathers as she gets ready for bed.  It really is the little things.

Speaking of not so little things I just want to make sure that you are aware of the wonderful journey that the very inspiring Eden is on. She has headed to Niger, Africa in a bid to spread the word of the food shortage that is being experienced in the area and the wonderful work World Vision does in their plight to help those faced with starvation and all that comes with it.

Actually Eden is not the only inspiring person on my mind tonight.  Sure he might not be making the same kind of impact but my friend Trev is off on his own adventure as well.  I only have sketchy details as when I said friend I was using the term rather loosely.  He is actually one of hub's friends.  Or at least he was, back when he was social and had friends before we were married.  Lately we have only caught up once a year.

Anyway thanks to the wonders of Facebook and blogging it turns out dear Trev has his back pack packed and is off on some walking adventure somewhere.  If you want to find out more here is what he has written so far.  Oh did I mention he is a great storyteller, it is in his genes, his mum is a bit of a famous author, so it is all well worth checking out.


  1. I know what you mean about putting your best foot forward on Tuesdays. I always intend to but then realise I have nothing and give up and write whatever. Then tell myself I'll be more prepared next week. Rachel x

    1. Aw Rach, don't be so hard on yourself, you have put up some great #IBOT posts. I know I always look forward to reading them


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