Friday, January 24

Things I Know In 15 Minutes

Just a super quick post from me today. One that I hope to write in only fifteen minutes.

Since it is the last official day of school holiday (weekends and public holidays don't really count as school holidays) I am taking the kids to an indoor play centre. Not exactly my most preferred thing to do but it is raining and it is a friend's birthday and they asked as if we were interested in helping them celebrate there so why not.

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So what is it that I know this week?

I know that looking for a photo to include in my post is sometimes the longest part of getting a post published.

I know that I am not really looking forward to the return of school.

I know that the reason why I am not looking forward to the return of school because I am not a fan of the morning rush .

I know I would like it if school started at around ten rather than just after eight.

I know that writing every day has gone much better this week than last.

I know that I am super thankful to the wonderful bloggers that join in and support Thankful Thursday each week.

I know that I didn't get to read any of said bloggers yesterday because I was out getting school stuff sorted.

I know that if you forget to check the time before you start writing it makes it very tricky to time when you have written for fifteen minutes.

I know that an iTunes card for a boy's thirteenth birthday is a bit of a cop out, but really I am all out of ideas and at least I know he will love the card.

I know I should have thought before his actual birthday to ask for suggestions of what to get. So go on tell me what would have been a better gift?

I know that I am joining in with the ever lovely Miss Cinders and you should too

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