Wednesday, January 15

Moments of life

Feeling all kinds of very special on account of my shiny new iPhone that Mr Awesome surprised me with the other day I just posted the above photo to my Instagram account. It was captioned with 

Yes I know how dodgy is it putting a photo of what I wrote in. I couldn't work out how to copy and paste the already written text and after what went down the first time I wrote it I was too scared to give it another go. Plus it's Wednesday so extra photos are encouraged. 

Seriously in the space of time it took me to get that up, which really wasn't very long, the littlest two went from playing happily to intense I hate you battle grounds to best friend sisters for ever in what felt like nano seconds. All before 8 am and a full cup of coffee. 

The most crazy part of all is that since then I have not done a stitch of crochet and my coffee is now gone. 

Sigh. The fun and games of being a mum. 

That is a photo of my belly yesterday. The  resemblance to a pregnant belly concerns me no end. I do not want any more babies. Ever. Never ever. 

There is no doubt in my mind that my baby caring days are well and truly over. There is not even the slightest hint of an interest in going through the joys of a newborn. Words and feelings that I never expected to say or feel. 

All three girls where practically dream babies. Looking back on their early years I have nothing but found picture perfect memories. It is only as they have gotten older I have challenged and inadequate as a mother. And that is why I just know my baby making days are over. 

The babies I have already, who while aren't babies anymore, need me more now than ever before. Especially the eldest. 

I remember when she was two, everyone warned me about how terrible it would be. I was adamant they were wrong. I was determined to buck the system and have the terrific twos. And we did. And it is with a similar attitude I want to approach the teenage years. 

I want the terrific teens just like we had the terrific twos. I know that it doesn't have to be the terrible teens any more than it had to be the terrible twos. Of course it it always easier said than done. 

But that doesn't mean it can't be done.