Monday, January 6

I must confess I am not sure I have much to say

Well that is not exactly true.

I know I always have a lot to say, it is just sometimes it I might not know how to say it and I think that is where I am at today. But the opportunity to write presented itself, and I could not let it slip on by.

So here I am. Confessing to all manner of things as well as quite a bit of nothing.

There are a few ideas that have been rattling around my noggin regarding the new year, words and what I hope 2014 will bring for me. Only the way in which to share these with you is still evading me. Please bear with me as I work out how to get it all out. I must confess that the process will probably involve quite a few nothing posts while my brain sorts the rest out.

After being here for nearly two weeks, yesterday saw my sister and nephew return home, to the other side of the country. Heartbreaking to say the very least but at least it is only the other side of the country as opposed to the other side of the world. To help ease the heartache and loneliness that my mum knew she would feel she offered to have The Little Two for a sleep over last night.

Which was all kinds of bliss for me and Mr Awesome. We didn't do anything in particular. We pottered around the house finishing of the tidying up that just never seems to get done when the children a home, cooked dinner together and just chatted and enjoyed uninterrupted conversations.

There was no late night partying or all night drinking on account of Mr A having to go to work this morning. And the fact I was a bit excited about going for an early morning run. I must confess though the run turned out to be a fair bit of walking as my body let me know I had consumed more over the holiday period than I am willing to admit.

The main thing though was I got out there and gave it a go.

And boy did it feel awesome!

Even if I couldn't run as much as I once did, just moving amongst the fresh air did wonders. Plus noticing how much running ability I lost is just the motivation I need to get out there more often. I must confess there is something quite satisfying about being able to push my body so it hard it has to gasp to suck more air. I am currently floating around the house feeling all kinds of strong.

Ok so maybe I did have a little bit that I could work out I wanted to say, but that is all for now I am afraid folks. For more great confession posts head over to Ms Mystery Case who has stolen the confessions for today while Kirsty is away
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