Monday, January 20

A new page or two

Despite having spent most of the morning at the computer, I am still without a post for today. Now while that most of the morning does sound rather dramatic it has actually only been an hour. Or two. You know how time can fly when on the hanging on the net.

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It has not been without results though. Sure there may be no post, well nearly no post because obviously this is the start of one, there has been the addition of two new pages. They can be found in main bar just below the header. Quick go look and see if you can work out which are the new two.

For those new here, and the unobservant, the two new pages are Extra Info and My Best Bits.

Extra Info is actually an old page that I have just decided to make live again. I am still not exactly how I want it to work, or how to actually make it work for that matter but it is supposed to be a bit of an explanation as to some of the terms I use, like The Shoebox, Mr Awesome, the kids blog names, and the like.

My Best Bits, as the name suggests, is a collection of all my best posts. Well in my humble opinion of course. And a few readers who were kind enough to make a few suggestions. I know that there are lots of post snippets in the side bar but most of them are for more recent posts.  A lot of the gems have been hidden over time. On account of there being some 780 odd posts here and all.

On a totally unrelated note and with no clear segue at all, today marks the start of the last week of the school holidays. Which just quietly makes me all kinds of sad. The thought of returning to normality and routine does not appeal to me in any shape or form. At all.

Sadly though it can not be avoided so I am just sucking it up and trying to get on with it. There are of course many positives about the return and perhaps even implementation of more routines. I have  heard that they help create order and increase productivity, amongst all manner of other benefits.

Naturally I had planned to implement many changes during the down time. Ones that would see us in good stead for the future. Providing of course I had of actually got around to implement them. There is always time right?
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