Wednesday, December 11

Thankful for a SuperMum and the end of the school year

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life Hello and welcome to another round of Thankful Thursday. As always I want to say a big thank you to all who stopped by last week, both in terms of readers and bloggers. 

As a linky host I love being able to create a place for bloggers to gather and share in some bloggy comment love. I feel terrible that the last few weeks have seen my Thursdays brimming with activities that prevented me from spending time with my beloved Mac. Which in turn means no commenting on blogs. 

Sadly I am one of those people, unable to leave a blog comment unless it is from the comfort of a large keyboard. Call me old fashioned I know but that is just the way it is. There is also something about a setting somewhere that seems to prevent me from logging into some most comment forms and it honestly is one of the most frustrating things I have ever tried to endure. I am thankful I had the sense to give up trying. 
I am thankful we got away on the weekend,
giving us all a much needed break and me
the chance to take some photos to play with.
More can be seen here

Today is officially the last day of the school year for the bigger two kidlets. And let me tell you I am giving a super big thank you for that. Like just about everyone I know I am well and truly done and dusted with school for the year. Bring on recharging our batteries I say.

For Lovely it is actually the first day of holidays. That is the joy of being in middle school. Her school is meant to break up at lunch time but we decided time would be much better spent doing a spot of shopping together. Thankfully a wonderful friend has said that Teapot can hang with her meaning some much needed one on one time can take place.

Of course the fact that I can't find my debit card is not something I am overly thankful for, perhaps after tomorrow I may feel differently about it. For now though it is driving me batty. Thankfully it is not my everyday must have account but more of a rainy day once in a while account so I can kinda get by. I am relatively certain that it is in the house so there is no need to cancel it at this point. I keep regularly checking to make sure the few dollars there haven't disappeared. It is just frustrating to not being able to locate it.

In fact I have noticed that quite a few of my things have taken to hiding on me of late. You know sunglasses mysteriously not being where they were last seen, keys slipping down behind cushions and the like. Mind you I am thankful I am not like my friend who recently lost her keys for so long she had to pay a ridiculous amount to have new car keys cut and chipped so she could drive her car again.

With the end of the school year comes the inevitable report card. Thankfully the girls don't have too much to worry about. Zany appears to be solidly at her expected year level and giving it her all. Lovely could be doing a whole lot better in the maths and science departments but I suspect the teacher could make a huge difference. The general consensus was she has not reached anywhere near her potential if she would like to try a little more consistently.

Which is exactly what I expected. In fact all in all it may have even been better than I expected. Thanks to the two art subjects there was an incredibly golden aura. It is fantastic know that when she feels like it she can apply herself whole heartedly. Perhaps with even too much of a desire for perfectionism. I wish to be thankful for knowing how to create an inner learner

I think though, what I am most thankful for this week is the fact that my mother has been declared the NT Super Mum for 2013.

I know that it has made mum feel all kinds of deservedly special from the moment she got the call to say she had been nominated. Mum has been having a bit of a rough trot of late and I am so thankful to be able to have done something to make smile and feel loved.

Now you. What has made you go thanks of late?

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