Friday, November 22

Things I Know that make me go FFS

Now I know that for the most part I am all airy fairy, lovey dovey, Miss peace and happiness, but of late that has not been working out so well for me. So I thought I would try something a little different today. 
I am still sharing some things I know, because Miss Cinders is one of my most favourite blogs and I just love joining in with her. However today I am sharing things I know that make me go FFS and also joining in with Dear Baby G

I know that there is a recurring theme to most of the things that make me go FFS.

Can you guess what it is?

I'll give you a hint, it is a 8 letter word, starts with c and ends with n.

No? Well here is another hint.

I have three of them and honestly I know that some days they should be bloody thankful that they live to see another day FFS

I know that seriously I wouldn't really throttle them to within an inch of their life (and some days possibly even a little further), and I shouldn't joke about it on the internets, someone could get the wrong impression FFS

I know that most of the FFSness around said children mainly revolves around the eldest. Though she manages to get me so worked up that it doesn't take much from the other two to have me screaming and pulling my hair out FFS

I know that is didn't expect the teenage years to be trouble free but I most certainly didn't expect them to be so bloody hard before they even arrived FFS

I know that I have done more deep breathing, counting and walking away in the last two weeks than I have ever done before FFS

I know that it is all hormonal and this too shall pass and all that other crap that is hard to remember when you are actually living in a daily hell because someone refuses to abide by the rules FFS

I know  though that hormonal or not there is still no excuse for me having to ask six thousand and seventy three billion times for the dishwasher to be emptied FFS. The same can be said for putting clothes away and picking up wet towels FFS

I know that rain on my washing days (is it only me who hears Alanis when they read those words?) makes me want to scream FFS very loudly. Even though it justifies me using the dryer, I know have a massive power bill to look forward to. FFS 

I know there is just no pleasing some people FFS.  The fact that I am complaining about not being able to fit *all* my towels in the dryer at once FFS is testament to that. I am sure there are many out there screaming at me but at least you have a dryer FFS. yes yes I know

I know that as much as I don't like to swear on the blog, going FFS all the way through this post has made me feel a lot better than when I was screeching like a banshee at the kids this morning FFS

And last I know that joining in with all these lovely bloggers below makes me go anything but FFS

Weekend Rewind

Some late edition FFS's include the little buttons not lining up where I wanted to and then when the where as good as I could get them there were no links included FFS (all fixed now though) Of course this was after loading the image sent me to distraction and back because the silly programs didn't want to work properly FFS

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