Thursday, November 7

Thankful Thursday

Hello and welcome to another round of Thankful Thursday. Which I must say is quickly becoming my favourite day of the week. The first lot of thanks for today has to go to the five rather awesome bloggers that joined in with me last week. It really does make me feel all kinds of awesome and happy.

To say it has been a big week at the office is an understatement. And when I say office I mean inside my head. I am so thankful that it is all done and dusted now.
blessed with wonderful children
I am beyond thankful that I get to spend my
days hanging out with this little cutie patootie

As you may have read on Tuesday it has been no fun being me this last week. Thankfully most of what I was referring to has now passed. Which is great as it means I can now return to normal programming and making the most of what is before me. 

I am thankful that Lovely has returned, filling the empty space she left at the dinner table. For whatever angst or unrest she may cause at times, the place is just not the same without her around. I am also thankful that she had such a great time while she was away and while she might not say it as much as we would like to hear it I am pretty sure she missed us more than she lets on.

The thing that I am most thankful for this week though is good health. Not just the we are free from colds or tummy bugs kind of health but the really big we don't have a major life threatening illness kind of good health. 

A young boy, nine years old in fact, at Zany's school was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour. He was whisked away to Adelaide for surgery the very next day and operated on the day after that. They may not return home for some six months or so.

I am thankful that in these modern times and thanks to the wonders of the internet that the family is able to seek support, both financial and otherwise to ease some of the burdens that they face. If you are able to spare a dollar or two I know Joel's family would be especially thankful.

People like Jimmy also make me incredibly thankful. If you haven't heard of Jimmy before you need to check him out. He is a twenty year old South Australian who is walking around Australia to raise money for childhood cancer. I am thankful that someone so young wants to make a difference to people he hasn't met. That fills me with hope.

More random thanks goes to

- picking a winner or two in the race that stops the nation
- spending a lovely day with my mother watching the race that stops the nation
- Spotlight having some yarn that I desired at a super ridiculous price
- being able to take the kids out for a spontaneous pizza dinner
- wonderful thunderstorms in the middle of the night cooling everything down and making the grass green once more
- being able to FaceTime my eldest nephew so I could hear him say Aunty
- being able to pick myself up and carry on even when it was the last thing I felt like doing
- having some rather cool goodies sent my way because someone thought my little old blog was a bit cool
- the fact that it is now Thursday which means the weekend is just around the corner

Now you - 

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