Tuesday, November 5

Some days it sucks to be me

Of course some days it doesn't suck to be me, but of late those days feel like they have been few and far between. To say I have been an emotional wreck for the last week would be a little of an understatement. Ok it would be a lot of an understatement but whatever, who wants to pick hairs?

For the most part I am putting it down to being that time of the month. Combined with Lovely flitting off to be flower girl at her biological father's wedding. Oh and it is mango madness season. Which is a localised issue that see's residents of the Top End go mad as they wait for the rain to come and ease the craziness that builds up in the excessive heat that is bestowed upon us at this time of year.

And just so you don't think I am making it up the temperature at 1am is around 27 degrees. That is pure ridiculousness right there I tell you. For the rest of the world 27 degrees is supposed to be a cool summers day and the perfect time to hit the beach. It is not an ideal relaxing and sleeping temperature.

Anyway, back to my point about it sucking to be me.

In between all of this pinning for my absent daughter, over heating and waiting for rain to bring relief I decided that it was the prime time to beat up on myself. In fact it was a whole lot more than just beating up on myself, it was more like declaring World War III upon my inner self.

It was bloody exhausting I tell you. Really bloody exhausting. Not to mention draining and really quite pointless. Especially since one of my inner egos was adamant in refusing to listen to the lies that other egos were insistent on spreading. 

Thankfully though, as my menstruating comes to an end and my hormones return to their normal levels I am able to return to my normal cheery happy self. I am sure you can hear my household cheering from wherever you are.

The one thing that kept resonating around my empty shell of a being was this

joining in with Jess for IBOT

PS Come back on Thursday for My Happiness is Thankful Thursday.
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