Sunday, November 24

Nothing like really living it up

image thanks to woodsy

And loving every single moment!

Sure there might have been a nano second or two where I thought perhaps I should have felt even just a tiny bit guilty for either a) not bring the apparently sick yet miraculously healed child home or b) keeping Mr A company at his work do, but rest assured it passed pretty quickly once I remembered just how darn amazing it felt to be on my lonesome.

Naturally the writer in me says quick full steam ahead to writers land, get out all those jumbled ideas that rattle around on a daily basis just waiting for the moment to be shared. Which of course is why I am here right now. Not surprisingly said jumbled ideas and thoughts seem to have disappeared, without a hint of a trace of reappearing. Isn't that always the way


In fact sometimes I wonder why I even bother trying to hold on to the hope that one day, just maybe I could be considered as a real writer. But then I tell myself a life without a dream to chase is no life at all. Aside I have a blog that makes me a writer doesn't it? (insert giggles as all the real writers in the world scream at me that blogging is not writing while all the other wanna be writers cheer me on)

The magic of the silence has just been broken. Mr A, decided to drag his sorry self down stairs and ruin my final moments of solace. Asking me to pack away all my craft supplies that are spread over the couch was perhaps not his best idea either. I have little to no sympathy for those with a hangover and fail to see how his self induced headache takes priority over my desire to create at some point today.

The return to the no me time has already begun. I am sure it is not too long till the children need to be collected and the craziness and noise completely return. 

Sigh, sigh and double sigh. Though really I guess that last one should be a triple sigh really shouldn't it?

Instead I will enjoy the final mouthfuls of my now cold but still awesome coffee. As empty as it may now be, the inside of me is filled with a wonderful renewed energy, readying me not just for today but the entire week ahead.

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