Thursday, October 24

Happiness is ...

... a bright sunny flower
beautiful tropical flower growing by a fishpond

I had these lilies sitting in a pot as part of the little oasis that Mr Awesome has created for me in the Shoebox's backyard. Yes that's right even though we live in a shoe box it is one that has enough of a garden to have pond and a dog. 

However they never flowered due to the terrible soil in the pot, and quite possibly the fact that the pot was far too small for that many lilies. A weekend or two ago my darling Mr made a new little garden bed in front of the newly refurbished pond. He decided to put the poor over crowed under soiled plants in the ground and out of their misery. 

Not only is there now a beautiful flower but more are getting ready to open every day. Plus there are new lilies peaking their little green leaf tips out of the ground. All of which just makes my heart swell and my mouth smile.

... a cooling midday shower

If you are a truly dedicated fan that happens to be up at ridiculous times of the night, you will have noticed a photo I shared the other day showing that at 1 am the temperature was a 29 degrees and not expected to drop much before beginning it's rise with the new day. Which is just crazy and ridiculous and brings me anything but happiness.

The cool sweet rain however. Well that is an entirely different story, when it finally decides to fall that is. It brings me more happiness that words can aptly described.

... going for a run

While the photo may not actually portray my happiness, especially given that whole massive double chin thing, but going for a run really does leave me feeling full of happy. The fact that I can actually say I went for a run is happiness in itself.

... being able to give cool stuff away

This is like a double whammy happiness because I am pretty sure that the winner will get just as much happiness from receiving as I get from giving. If you haven't entered yet there is still time and if you have entered (thanks) and don't forget to tweet everyday for bonus entries.

... joining in linkies and sharing bloggy love

Seriously do not ever underestimate the joy that a bit of comment love can give a blogger. I had someone go to the effort of actually writing on my Facebook page today and it left me grinning all afternoon. 

Happiness is making the most of all that you have

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