Tuesday, July 23

A bit about guns, wants, needs and parenting

Last week while I was running away other bloggers were busy getting down to the nitty gritty and discussing toy guns and whether children should be allowed to play with them.

Danielle over at Keeping Up With The Holsbys raised the topic which prompted 10% Inspired to share her view.

Both left me with plenty of food for thought.

So where do I stand on the toy gun debate?

Well I agree with Mrs Holsby. Guns are not toys. Guns do kill people, but only if there is an idiot controlling the gun. I am so incredibly glad that as the mother of girls I have not had to face the barrage of requests for toy gun paraphernalia. However, I am not adverse to water pistols or even water bombs for that matter. They are just good natured fun and fall into the same catergory as laser tag and paint ball type games which are essentially gun based.

I also agree with CJ, who knew from an early age that guns had a purpose, were dangerous and how to handle them. She grew up in the country and guns were a way of life. I didn't grow up in the country so much as a back water capital city. This means I have clear recollections of my dad taking us out bush for a shot with his rifles. 

While my girls haven't ever held a gun they have seen one being used. We are a bit fond of magpie goose stew. Sadly you can't exactly get a magpie goose at the local Woolies so we go hunting for them. One of my proudest mummy moments was watching them not get squimish or upset as they watched the birds become dinner.

I have never really been a girly girl and I dread the thought of having girls that are. I have always wanted for my girls to grow up strong and independent. While recognising a difference between genders I have never wanted my girls to feel like they are held back based on the bits between their legs.

Which leads me to my next train of thought, prompted by yesterday's post by our IBOT hostess with the mostest. Jess explained how she refuses to give her children the world.

Super, super wise words right there I tell you.

I don't give my children the world either. Partially because I just can't but even if I could I am not sure I would want to give into their each and every demand. Raising demanding and greedy little so and sos is not on my list of things to do. Raising kind, caring, compassionate and thoughtful little beings however is exactly what I hope to achieve.

As a single income family with three children there are lots of things outside our realms of possibilities. Things like overseas holidays, or weekly trips to the movies or a treat every time we go to the shops. However all of those things are wants as opposed to needs. At the end of the day nobody needs all the things they want anyway.

And anyway as long as your basic needs (food, shelter, clothes, love) are met should we really want for anything else when there are so many in the world that don't even have that?

What really got my thoughts a churning when I read the post though was the bit about needing to be the kind of person that you want you children to be. That hit home to me with a resounding thud.

That is kind of person I want to be as well. Someone I want my children to follow proudly behind. The kind of mother that passes a lasting legacy on to her offspring, who in turn pass onto theirs.

Only to be that kind of mother I need so much more than I currently have.

I need commitment, dedication, drive, energy and focus, and that is just to get started. And honestly, just between you and me, some days I struggle to find any and all of those things when I need them most.

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