Monday, February 11

Putting one foot in front of the other

Life of late has been what some might call a little full on. Some of course may still consider it a walk in the park. My own feelings involve struggles and battles, not necessarily won. Though it is also not nearly as terrible as it all sounds or as recent posts may lead you to believe.

To all those who have left such kind comments of late I am super thankful, it really does mean a lot to know you care. Please do not fret for me too much though. Some times I think my words make it all seem much worse than it really is. Which is not really quite what I want, but I am not sure what I can do.

My mantra at the moment is just keep going. The wheels are in motion, albeit slowly, they just need to keep on turning. And turn they will.

Towards the end of the holidays I bumped into a friend from school. And when I say friend I actually mean most awesome person ever who made my dream true last year. Naturally when she asked if I could help her out by looking after her four year old son I said yes. After all it is only a few hours each morning and more importantly I was honoured she trusted me with her offspring.

Having an extra little person around had been lovely. Miss Two, who I should probably start calling Miss NearlyThree, though I think Teapot would also be a bit cute but it doesn't really indicate age which I think at times is appropriate, now where was I...oh that's right. The youngest of my creations has really enjoyed having a play mate these last few weeks. Watching them play has made my heart swell on more than one occasion.

While the girls all play with each other on some level, their age gaps of four and five years are always evident. There is only a little over a year in age difference between our little guest and Teapot. They way they play together is beyond gorgeous. As is the thoughtfulness and care they show each other, especially their desire to share. She sure is going to miss him next week.

Part of  the fun of our new friend has been the preschool drop off. Miss NearlyThree would happily stay there with him if she were to be given the chance. The preschool teacher has mentioned on more than one occasion how ready she already seems. My heart breaks to think that this time next year we could be doing it all for real.

Here in the Territory children can start preschool, a part time play based familiarisation with the school environment, at the tender age of three and a half. This means that twelve months later, at the still tender age of four and half, children may start transition. Which is the first of year full time formal education.

Which I am now starting to wonder if it really is the best way to go about things. With Miss NotYetTwelve just starting her first year of Middle School (year seven) I can't help but wonder if she is really ready. Something I am sure most mothers have thought many a times. 

How has the first week or two back at school treated you? 
Have you wondered whether it was the right thing to do?

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