Saturday, February 23

It's my birthday

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Well, this time next month it will be.

You could say I am just a little excited about it all.
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Actually in many ways I am super excited about it because this year I will get to be with my sister on our special day and it will also mean that I have survived the fun and excitement of #DPCON13.

Plus who seriously doesn't love their birthday?

The fact that thirty five is a seven birthday just adds to the excitement of it all. All this excessive and over use of the word excited it testament to just how excited I am.

Seven birthday's are my favourite because life moves in seven year cycles. Or at least I like to think it does. I am more than ready to be entering a new cycle. My last two cycles have been very birthy/child creating focused. I can feel that is now at an end and a new cycle is ready and waiting to begin.

Of course this new cycle is still strongly child focused, just not so much in the actual creating of them in the first instance. This new cycle I am preparing to embark on is more of a growing, developing and shaping what I have already created. I have a feeling that it is also about some growing and developing for me as well.

In preparation for all of this of course the house needs a complete overhaul. Only compounded by the new (to us) furniture that we came across today. Let's just say that my new computer area is looking very flash indeed. Mind you sorting through all the mess created as we made room for our new acquisitions is not all that appealing, but I guess you can't win them all.

So on that note I guess I best get to it.

Do you like to spring clean before your birthday?
Have you heard of the seven year life cycle stuff or is it just something in my head?

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