Sunday, October 7

My Week According to Instagram

That's right folks I had so much fun compiling all my Instagram photos of the week that I am back for more. Unfortunately last week I had issues getting four photos up. Because I know how much you wanted to see them...

Top left is my watermelon and bean salad. On the right my ever constant and generally growing tower of dishes. Bottom left is Saturday's bento lunch for the kids. And lastly a few cards I drew while Angel talking.

This week started nice and early with the first rain of the season

My toes still spontaneously start wiggling every time I see this photo. I can't wait for there to be more. Everything always turns so green and lovely with the rain. The freshness in the air after a shower lifts even the weariest soul.

Later that same day I got my Martha Stewart on and made these little beauties

Banana and chocolate chunk muffins. Yep chunk not chip. We still have some solid little Easter eggs left and I whizzed them in mixer for 5 seconds to make them chunky. Oh my they were yummy.

Next is this beauty. Taken on Wednesday evening.

It is followed by this one

The two are related. To find out all the gory details though you will have to read about it here.

After reading some of the lovely lunch ideas over at Delightfully Tacky Lil Squirts I have been feeling a little inspired to go to a bit more of an effort with regard to lunches. Especially this week with them at home.

This was triple decker, ham cheese and salad sandwich. Cut into what are commonly known round here as funny triangles. Inventive huh?

And last but not least

Taken Saturday night. My mum and I dropped into the pub for a quick toast for Dad.

So there you have it, my week on Instagram. If you haven't already, follow me there as well at @aparentinglife

-fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

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