Thursday, October 11

Knowing little and flogging less

There once was a time when I would sit down on a Thursday night, filled with the anticipation of writing a more than awesome post to schedule bright and early for Friday morning. If by chance I could not think of said awesomeness then I would just share some of the things I knew and hope it would turn into something that resembled awesomeness.

Sadly, as far as I know, Things I know, is no more. Which is a bit sad. Well at least for me it is. Because now when late Thursday night rolls along and I am desperate for inspiration I have no where to share what it is I know.

For a brief moment when I heard that Dorothy was taking a break from TIK I contemplated sending her an email offering to babysit for a bit. But thankfully reality set in.

The whole regular and consistent thing does not really work well for me. Not when it is something I have to do. If it is something that I feel I have a choice in, there is slightly more chance but even then it can be doubtful at times.

When Karlee asked me if I was interested in taking over Me and YOU, many, many, many moons ago I was over the moon. However within a few short weeks I was left feeling drained and empty. I don't want to walk down that path again at the moment.

Right now I am feeling rather great about my blogging so I am cautious about anything that may change that. Of course I would feel even better about my blogging if I was attending the ProBlogger Training Event today.


I really would like to say that one day I will get to one but honestly...

Unless of course by some crazy act of blogging gods there was a conference held local. Which of course there won't be. Who wants to come to the hot sticky mess that is D-Town?

Double sigh.

At least I can still Flog.